5 Times BTS’s V Made Jaws Drop With His Beautiful Voice

#3 is a classic.

As one of BTS‘s vocalists, it goes without saying that V is a wonderful singer. Sometimes, however, it’s easy to forget just how good he is because of how much attention is placed on his handsome visuals.

If you’re someone who wants to immerse yourself in his beautiful voice again, read on!

1. When he sang acapella

V has a deep voice that can instantly mesmerize you the moment you hear it. You know he’s good when he sounds even better singing acapella, like in this concert performance.

2. When he sang “Stigma” live

Yes, V has a deep voice, but don’t be mistaken—he can easily hits those high notes! ARMYs also love how he has so much stage presence in every performance.

3. When he released this cover of “Hug Me”

V released this cover over five years ago, but it’s still very much worth a listen today. It was one of the first times fans got to listen to his gentle voice.

4. When he and RM performed “4 O’Clock”

This song proves that V and RM definitely need more duets! Not only do their voices go well together, they also have a ton of chemistry on stage.

5. When he released this OST for Itaewon Class

Last but not the least, this is a magical song through and through. V’s melodic voice—accompanied by lovely instrumentals—makes this a song that would be perfect to listen to during a rainy day.

V could move the coldest of hearts with his beautiful voice!