5 Times BTS’s V Went Viral With Locals On Social Media

You don’t have to know anything about K-Pop to fall in love with V.

BTS‘s V has many nicknames: TaeTae, Gucci Prince, and (of course) The Stan Attractor. It seems that everywhere BTS goes, V captures the hearts of locals across social media who know nothing about K-Pop. Take a look at 5 times he went viral with non-K-Pop stans on Twitter.


1. The Guy Next to Ariana

On January 23, Ariana Grande tweeted a snap of herself with BTS after she bumped into them at rehearsals for the 2020 GRAMMY Awards.

In no time at all, locals found themselves mesmerized by the member they dubbed “they guy next to Ariana”. Of course, we know him as V!

So many people scrambled to find out his name, the queries appeared in Twitter’s top related searches.


2. The Guy with the Long Black Coat

On New Years Eve, BTS made history when they were invited to perform “Boy with Luv” at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve celebration in Times Square, New York City.

And, of course, there were plenty of locals watching the event who just had to know who V was—or as they called him, “the guy in the long black coat”.


3. The Guy with the Curly Hair

New Year’s Eve was actually the second time V went viral in December last year. He’d already created a storm when BTS performed as the opening act at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball.

Once again, locals flocked to clips and photos of V to find out more about this handsome curly-haired member.

When locals found out V’s real name (Taehyung) from helpful ARMYs, they quickly got it trending in 22 countries, peaking at #11 in the US.

In total, ‘Taehyung’ accumulated over half a million tweets that day.

One K-Pop fan even got a message from their teacher asking about the curly-haired idol!


4. The Guy with the Blue Hair

Back in April 2019, BTS appeared on Saturday Night Live. At the time, V was sporting those striking blue locks…

…which made it very easy for locals to spot him and fall head over heels.

We’re pretty sure lots of new ARMYs were born that day!


5. The Guy with the Mint Green Hair

It’s safe to say V will be turning locals’ heads at the GRAMMY performance on January 26, because he did the same thing when BTS was invited to the awards show last year.

“The guy with the mint green hair” was the talk of Twitter that day, reeling in numerous locals.

Some liked his look so much, they pledged to become ARMYs right there on the spot!