5 Times Celebrities Revealed BTS J-Hope’s True Personality

A true gentleman!

BTS members have always talked about how they admire J-Hope‘s thoughtful personality and professionalism. But these praises are not limited to just his co-members. Here are five celebrities who have shown their appreciation for J-Hope’s true personality:

1. IU

IU and J-Hope interacted publicly for the first time only recently. J-Hope was a guest on IU’s show IU’s Pallette while promoting his solo album Jack In The Box. Their cute dynamic immediately made its way into fans’ hearts. In a recent episode of the show, where Crush was the guest, IU revealed that J-Hope sent snacks for the entire staff, with a note saying “Please send lots of love for Crush” after learning that he will be appearing on the show that day. Both IU and Crush were visibly touched by this kind gesture of the BTS member.

2. Crush

During the same episode of IU’s Pallette, Crush also revealed that not only did J-Hope send him a cake before the shoot, but also showed his sincerity throughout the entire process of their collaboration on “Rush Hour.” In another interview, he also mentioned how amazed he was by J-Hope’s work ethic when he kept recording takes after takes, improving his part of the song without any break. He also helped through the entire making process of the song, not just his part. J-Hope spent a lot of time studying Crush’s work and his style, going through different types of content he has done, to do justice to the collaboration. Crush stated that after working with J-Hope he realized that it was only a given that a person like him would be immensely successful.

3. Lizzo

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Lizzo and J-Hope have an adorable friendship that bloomed after they met in person at a Harry Styles concert back in November 2021. Then in April this year, Lizzo revealed in an interview that J-Hope and she exchanged numbers and are text buddies. She called him a “great texter” who doesn’t leave you on read. “If it’s been a while since he’s texted, he’s like ‘I’m so sorry,’ and he apologizes for how long it’s taken,” said she, praising his manners.

4. Becky G

| Weverse Live

Becky G and J-Hope have had a very tight friendship ever since they collaborated for “Chicken Noodle Soup” in 2018. Since then, Becky has been all-praises for J-Hope’s personality on multiple occasions. During an interview in 2020 she said that his positive energy is so addictive she wished she could carry a mini J-Hope with her everywhere.

“I wanted to be close to him all the time, if I had a mini j-hope in my pocket all the time to say ‘Go, Becky!’ I’d be happy.

—Becky G, Quem Magazine

In a more recent interview in August, Becky G called him “A walking corazoncito” (literally “a walking little heart”) while talking about their beautiful friendship!

5. Solar and Moonbyul of MAMAMOO

Solar and Moonbyul mentioned J-Hope during their appearance on a variety show in recent months. The duo said if they could live as a member of another group for a day, they would choose J-Hope because they admire how hard he works while keeping a smile on his face. Moonbyul chimed in with her personal experience of working with him, saying, “We met him during schedules, he’s very energetic and a really kind person.”

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