5 Times Choi Yena Was So SMiLEY We Couldn’t Help But Smile Back

She’s the “smiliest” around her friends.

Former IZ*ONE member Yena is currently preparing for her solo debut on January 17th with the mini album SMiLEY. Fans of this talented idol have been eagerly waiting for her debut, and this mini album is sure not to disappoint. Especially since a “smile” concept seems so fitting for the cute, bubbly K-Pop idol.

Here are 5 (of the many) times that Yena’s smile was so infectious, we could not help but smile back.

1. When she blew a bubble a little too big


The ‘pop’ was maybe not intentional, but it created an adorable reaction.

2. When she was able to recognize her new friend, OH MY GIRL’s Arin

YENA (left) and OH MY GIRL’s Arin (right)

Her enthusiasm literally jumps off the screen and just look at that little nose scrunch!

3. When she fed Weki Meki’s Yoojung a chili pepper and cackled at her surprise

YENA (left) and Weki Meki’s Yoojung (right) | @STUDIO WAFFLE/YouTube

What is a friend for, if not tricking you into eating spicy foods?!

4. When she danced to “Achoo” with Lovelyz’ member Mijoo

YENA (left) and Lovelyz’ Mijoo (right)

The two bright personalities together made the cover overflow with cheer.

5. When she was talking about her fellow GHSMC member BIBI

The two Girls High School Mystery Class members are close, and BIBI is even featuring on YENA’s title track, SMILEY.

We cannot wait to be all smiles when Yena’s debut mini album drops!