5 Times Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Was An Absolute Angel On Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast

Do we even deserve her? (Cries)

Back in 2018, the second season of the beloved series Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast aired — and none other than Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA blessed the show as the “full-time employee”. Throughout the season, YoonA kept charming the hosts and the viewers with her sweetest personality. Here are 5 times she was so unconditionally kind, uncovering her true identity: an absolute angel.

1. While Cleaning

When some of the guests who soaked themselves in the outdoor spa wanted to come back inside the house, they grew worried that they would drip water all over the floor. As the guests stood doorside hesitating, YoonA immediately noticed their troubles. YoonA rushed the guest in, saying she can use the water they drip to mop the floor. The guests and the viewers all appreciated the way she made it sound like they were not inconveniencing her.

2. While Serving

As YoonA was taking down beverage orders for a group of girl friends, she noticed that one of the group-mates didn’t get a chance to speak up. When the girls tried to settle for cold water, to make it less of a hassle for YoonA, she caught on and double checked to provide what they really wanted. Soon, one of the girls admitted that she actually wanted hot water — and YoonA playfully responded with an “I knew it!” Viewers fell in love with how YoonA tried her best to make sure everyone got what they needed.

3. While Shopping

In one of the episodes, YoonA noticed that Hyori’s bangs had grown out and kept bugging her by falling over her face. Hyori, who ran out of bobby pins, ended up taping back the strand of her bangs. When YoonA noticed how it was bothering Hyori, she made a note to herself, reminding her to grab bobby pins when she can. Shortly after, when she went to a marketplace to run errands, she remembered to stop by an accessories shop to grab a new set of pins for Hyori! Who wouldn’t fall in love with such a considerate angel?

4. While Playing Games

YoonA soon became quite attached to the guests staying at Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast. One night, as everyone in the house came together to play a round of games, YoonA had a lot of fun — and maybe got a little carried away. When one of the guests lost a round, YoonA had to slap the guest’s hand. She did, as a win is a win, but she immediately grew sorry. As a quick apology, YoonA took the guest’s hand and gave it a little peck of a kiss — and that instantly made not only the guest but also the viewers feel tremendously better.

5. While Bonding

While YoonA stayed at Hyori’s house, she also became close to all the furry friends in the household. Toward the end of the season, YoonA was seen freely interacting with Hyori’s pets — but that hadn’t always been the case. When YoonA first came across Hyori’s cat, she approached very carefully and first asked for Hyori’s permission if she could touch. While this is rather a basic manner, it is often overlooked. Viewers dropped all their UWUs for what a gentle soul YoonA is, even to the animal buddies.

Source: THEQOO

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