5 Times Idols Have Roasted Their Own Fans

#1 is this idols funniest interaction with fans!

Some idols are well known for their sweet fan service when interacting with fans, but other idols are masters at teasing fans! Here are 5 times idols have roasted their fans in the most loving ways!

1. GOT7’s JayB

In this tweet, GOT7’s JayB jokes with a fan asking to marry him!


2. GOT7’s Yugyeom

Just like his fellow bandmate, Yugyeom is one to joke around with fans! Responding to a tweet saying, “Yugyeom, I love Mark!” he replies, “Okay… i’m Yugyeom.”


3. IU

During an IU concert in Busan, the singer told a story about a particular song, stating that she “gained weight” during the time of writing it. A fan in the audience screamed “What do you mean you gained weight?” which caused the crowd and IU herself to laugh. IU responded by saying, “Do you also have a microphone? You have such a loud voice!”

4. TWICE’s Momo

In a fansign video posted by a fan, Momo is seen playing with a shooting toy. She jokes around with fans and pretends to “shoot” them with the toy, only to actually hit a fan with the toy! Both Momo and the fans were shocked!

MoMoJokbal Tw/Youtube


MoMoJokbal Tw/Youtube
MoMoJokbal Tw/Youtube

5. EXO D.O

While EXO is not particularly active on fanboards anymore, they used to be relatively active when chatting with fans! D.O in particular had a couple of funny responses to fans, like the time a fan said “You are full of charms!” and he responded with a simple “No.”

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