5 Times IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Received Hate For The Most Ridiculous Reasons

#3 came completely out of thin air.

As one of the biggest fourth-generation K-Pop stars, IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung‘s popularity is unmatched! However, with fame comes plenty of unwarranted hate and criticism for even the most basic things, as well as unfounded rumors.

Here are five times Wonyoung received hate and criticism for the most ridiculous reasons.

1. Eating A Strawberry

TikTok user DaeraDaera posted a video of himself poking fun at how Wonyoung ate a strawberry during an episode of The Manager (also known as Omniscient Interfering View). The innocent and cute clip of the K-Pop star went viral and attracted some negative thoughts more than once.

2. Accusations Of Being An IU Hater

An anonymous user on the online community, Nate Pann, attempted to generate negative attention on Wonyoung by maliciously posting clips of the star from the 2022 Melon Music Awards. On their post, the user posted a clip of Wonyoung not clapping while IU was being presented with an award.

Thankfully, another user found the full and original clip that shows Wonyoung did clap for IU, proving that the OP was just being hateful.

3. Eating Pizza

Recently, IVE released an advertisement for the pizza chain Papa John‘s, and an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the commercial was released. While fans enjoyed seeing the group have a lighthearted and fun time recording, some netizens found issues with how Wonyoung took a bite of the pizza.

While the bite was over the top or “cringy” this usually happens when actors and idols do food commercials.

4. Claims That She Ousted A Trainee

Online users accused Wonyoung of having another trainee ousted from the company because she was set up as the center of a different group before IVE’s debut. Users claimed that Park Joo Bi, a former contestant on Idol School and the believed daughter of a chaebol, was removed from IVE pre-debut because of Wonyoung’s jealousy.

Park Joo Bi | Idol School

Commenters quickly defended Wonyoung from the ridiculous claims, with many saying that the OP didn’t make any sense.

5. Allegations About Her MiuMiu Ambassadorship

Wonyoung is one of MiuMiu‘s most popular ambassadors and seems to fit the brand perfectly. In October 2022, Wonyoung went to Paris Fashion Week, where she attended MiuMiu’s fashion show. The first of many baseless rumors began with a jacket that Wonyoung wore to the show.


Rumors alleging that the jacket was from a past collection or not from MiuMiu were disproven by the brand, which shared she was wearing items that had not yet been released. Other rumors about her attendance, including her not actually being a MiuMiu ambassador and that she was invited to the show because of an alleged boyfriend were also debunked by the brand.


Dear Wonyoung,
We would like to sincerely wish the ever-so-lovely Wonyoung a happy birthday. From now on, there will only be good things.

— Miu Miu


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