Netizens Defend IVE’s Jang Wonyoung After Ridiculous Claims That She Ousted A Former Trainee From The Group

“She was jealous…”

Recently, ridiculous rumors surrounding IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung have been circulating. The rumors started from YeoYeon Gallery, a female-centric forum, as well as Sojang, a YouTuber well-known for spreading rumors and falsehoods. According to them, they had received a tipoff that the 7th debut member of IVE had been kicked out of the group allegedly due to Wonyoung.

According to the rumors, originally, IVE was meant to debut under the name PRISM. The members would be represented by the 7 colors of the rainbow. IVE’s members are also currently represented by different colors.

The rumors claimed that Jang Wonyoung had been jealous of the trainee that had been set up as the center position of the group. The trainee was Park Joo Bi, formerly known as Park Sun. Park Sun had entered Starship Entertainment after her stint on Idol School.

| Park Joo Bi/Idol School

It was claimed that Jang Wonyoung was jealous of Park Joo Bi because Park Joo Bi was the daughter of a higher-up in Maeil Dairies, an F&B conglomerate. Some rumors claim that she is the chaebol granddaughter of the founder, while others claim that she is the daughter of an executive director.

The rumors alleged that Jang Wonyoung refused to debut with Park Joo Bi, and Starship Entertainment had ended up transferring Park Joo Bi to their acting label, Kingkong by Starship. IVE then changed their name and debut song to fit the new 6-member plan.

Netizens have stepped up to defend Jang Wonyoung from the ridiculous claims.

| Nate Pann

  • “So what you’re saying is that two companies were mobilized so easily by Jang Wonyoung, who’s just 19 now, just because she kicked up a fuss about not wanting to debut with a conglomerate’s daughter? And that daughter was kicked out pathetically? You’ve been reading too many fics…”
  • “The source: YeoYeon Gallery LOL” (known for hating on female idols)
  • “So Pann’s basically even now blaming trainees leaving on Jang Wonyoung? At this rate they’re gonna blame Jang Wonyoung if their own lives get f*cked up too.”
  • “Leave Jang Wonyoung alone LOL. Why are you like this?”

Netizens were in complete disbelief. The idea that a conglomerate’s daughter would be kicked out of a company for Jang Wonyoung was hard to believe, despite her popularity as part of IZ*ONE. Netizens also claimed that the rumors had too many contradictory ideas.

If Jang Wonyoung was jealous of Park Joo Bi who was better in smarts and background, there was no reason for the elite Park Joo Bi to have been kicked out for an inferior Wonyoung. Similarly, it was impossible that Starship Entertainment would set Park Joo Bi to be the center when Annyeongz had amassed a large following from IZ*ONE.

Starship Entertainment has not responded to the rumors.

Source: Nate Pann