7 Things IVE’s Wonyoung Did This Year Alone That Randomly Went Viral

She’s always relevant!

Anything that IVE‘s Wonyoung does becomes a hot topic! In the past year alone, there are several things she did without thinking that ended up being the talk of the town.

Check them out below!

1. When she wore a mask at the airport

First up, Wonyoung made fans all over the world laugh when she was spotted at the airport wearing a mask—not a face mask, but a sheet mask that one uses in their skincare routine.

She zoomed past fans on an airport vehicle that was driven just for her. Netizens loved her carefree attitude, not caring how she looked in public.

IMG_4561 (1)

2. When she signed a sexy photo

Fans were also amused at the photo that she signed while on the go. It turned out to be one of her sexy posts on Instagram.

Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/Instagram

3. When she was professional

Wonyoung made fans proud with her professional demeanor when reacting to an unexpected situation, defending her staff member one second then posing for the cameras the next.

4. When she rejected a fan

Most fans ask for an autograph from their favorites in the rare chance they can see them in person. Wonyoung, knowing how important every interaction is to them, turned down one DIVE graciously when she wasn’t allowed to give her autograph.

5. When she ate meat

Even the way she chews her food becomes a hot topic online! Netizens simply can’t get enough of her adorable visuals.

6. When she coughed

The IVE singer, similarly, made headlines just by coughing.

7. When she twirled

Finally, the most recent viral trend Wonyoung started was her twirl on stage. Chinese netizens in particular were amazed at her flexibility and grace.

Though she made it look easy, copying her twirl turned out to be much harder than expected. Thousands of women uploaded their own versions of her twirl and spread positivity with their adorable attempts.

It became an even hotter topic in social media after boys began uploading their own versions, with netizens claiming they do it more naturally than women.

Wonyoung’s twirl even became the blueprint for characters in games.

She’s a trendsetter, alright!



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