5 Times MAMAMOO’s Wheein Proved She Is A Hidden Dancing Machine

Ace of K-Pop for a reason!

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein is often noted for her “honey voice” and cute puppy-like charms by K-Pop fans. But not many of them realize that under all that vocal prowess and charisma is hidden a fierce dancer!

So, here is a short but impactful compilation that proves why we need more of dancer Wheein, like yesterday.

1. “Water Color” by Wheein

“Water Color” is the title track of Wheein’s first solo mini-album Redd. During the promotion of the song, Wheein performed this intense choreography at every music show while singing live perfectly. People especially praised her precise footwork in this routine.

2.  “Love Shot” by EXO

EXO’s “Love Song” had a different kind of grip on the internet when it was released. Wheein was among the many celebrities who covered the choreography and ate it down.

3. “Be Like Me” by Lil’ Pump

This dance cover was one of the two special YouTube videos she had prepared for her fans on her birthday in 2020. But the practice video was even more praised given how without any flashy edits, Wheein showcased her hip-hop dancing skills.

4. “Title” by Kiana Lede

This entire choreography came like a whiplash for MOOMOOs who had hardly seen this side of Wheein before. Let’s thank choreographer BAEK0118 for this masterpiece.

5. “TRASH” (feat. pH-1) by Wheein

Wheein not only experimented with the style of music for Redd but also pushed herself to show new sides of her through different styles of dancing. Fans noted how her moves are extremely smooth and controlled while being graceful. She is able to blend with her dancers when it comes to synchronization but still stands out because of her stage presence!

It is not just fans who feel that Wheein is an underrated dancer. Choreographers JJ and Lia Kim, who both have worked with MAMAMOO went on record to say Wheein is almost as good as a professional dancer.

Maybe that is the reason why Wheein also has a good eye for dancers. She was the first idol who worked with now YGX’s famous leader Lee Jung Lee for her solo song “Easy” back in 2018!

Petition to have dancer Wheein back with her new album, please!