Here Are 5 Times NCT’s Chenle Proved He Is The Biggest Thrill-Seeker In The Group

Bungee jumping with Kun and SEVENTEEN’s Jun wasn’t enough.

NCT‘s Chenle has proven he has a love for adrenaline-inducing sports with his latest adventure in skydiving, which comes not long after he went bungee jumping with fellow NCT member Kun and, reportedly, with SEVENTEEN‘s Jun (with whom they celebrated Kun’s birthday together). But these weren’t the only times he proved it. Here are 5 times Chenle proved he is NCT’s biggest thrill-seeker.

| From Chenle’s Bubble via @LELECIAGA/Twitter

1. When he filmed this video one-handed

Chenle filled the schedule for his and Kun’s trip to Jeju Island with loads of fun activities…

“NCT NEWS” | NCT/YouTube

…and driving on dirt tracks was probably the least of them, considering everything they did.

2. When he went bungee jumping

While it’s not confirmed that Chenle and Kun went bungee humping with Jun, their close friendship and the fact that a video of Jun bungee jumping at the same location was posted to SEVENTEEN’s Twitter account led many fans to believe they were there together. In any case, given that Chenle was in charge of his and Kun’s itinerary for their trip to Jeju Island, a bungee jumping stop is no surprise.

3. When fans found out he’s a sharpshooter

These childhood pictures of Chenle say everything.

And if that’s not enough, here’s a clip of his skills in action during his trip to Jeju Island this January.

4. When he went paragliding

Both Chenle and Renjun really seem to be enjoying the paragliding experience in this clip, and at this point, that’s not a surprise coming from Chenle!

5. When he went skydiving

Skydiving was the cherry on top for Chenle, especially as this is an activity that he’s always wanted to do.

As a matter of fact, fans are happy he finally got the chance to go, considering how much he’s always wanted to!

The question now is, are there any extreme sports he wouldn’t try?