5 Times Each Red Velvet Member Proved Their Official Colors Were Made For Them

Whoever assigned them these colors made the perfect choice.

Since debut, the Red Velvet members have always had official assigned colors: pink for Irene, yellow (or orange) for Seulgi, blue for Wendy, green for Joy, and purple for Yeri. And over the years, they’ve proved those colors suit them perfectly. Here are 5 times each Red Velvet member looked stunning in their official colors.

1. Irene looking pretty in pink

2019 Dream Concert:

2019 Soribada Music Awards:

“Zimzalabim” fan sign, 2019:

“Bad Boy” teaser, 2018:

“Umpah Umpah” teaser, 2019:

2. Seulgi looking outstanding in orange & yellow

“Dumb Dumb” live broadcast, 2015:

Gimpo Airport, 2016:

Leaving Celuv TV, 2017:

Incheon Airport, 2017:

“Umpah Umpah” teaser, 2019:

3. Wendy looking beautiful in blue

Gumi Love Festival, 2019:

Gimpo Airport, 2016:

2018 Season’s Greetings

“Umpah Umpah” on Inkigayo, 2019

“Umpah Umpah” teaser, 2019:

4. Joy looking gorgeous in green

Idol Star Athletics Championship, 2019:

Instagram, 2019:

Instagram, 2020:

Instagram, 2019:

“Umpah Umpah” teaser, 2019:

5. Yeri looking perfect in purple

“RBB” live broadcast, 2018:

SMTOWN Culture Day, 2018:


Gumi Love Festival, 2019

“Umpah Umpah” teaser, 2019:

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