5 Tips On How To Have The Best Video Fan Sign Experience Ever, According To Seasoned K-Pop Fans

Everyone should know #5 just in case!

Video fan signs are the newest addition to K-Pop due to the safety measures brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of meeting their favorite group in person, fans are given one minute to talk to each member directly.

In the latest AYO “Comment Defenders” series, two seasoned SEVENTEEN fans gave insider tips on how to make video fan signs as great of an experience as possible. Check them out below!

1. Make sure to record the call.

The CARATs were firm in saying that you’d be “a fool” if you didn’t record your entire meeting with the group.

These days cellphone recordings are really good. The sound quality is wonderful. You need to use the technology of the twenty first century.

— Woobin

2. Make sure your equipment is working beforehand.

Don’t be shy to call your friends to help you out! Pretend like you’re really calling your bias to check if your equipment is working well.

Before the event, we call each other and check if the mic is working fine, if it’s recording well and such, then we go into it.

— Woobin

3. Make sure your setting is perfect.

In a normal fan sign, you’d mostly just check your camera and appearance. In a video fan sign, however, you also have to make sure your background is presentable.

I check what clothes look best on me, how the sunlight is, and where to put the lighting to look prettiest.

— Sehwa

4. Make sure to prepare your questions beforehand.

To avoid dead-air that would waste your precious one minute in front of your idol, know exactly what you’re going to say beforehand. The K-Pop fans suggested making a question list in line with their personalities.

If the member listens and answers well, [then you can] talk about something serious. If the member is a better joker than me, then you can say “jagiya” (babe) out of nowhere!

— Sehwa

If none of these work, you can make puns out of K-Pop songs to make your bias laugh aloud!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie in a video fan sign

5. Make sure you try other techniques.

Even if you can’t make it to a fan sign yourself, don’t fret! If anyone you know has the opportunity to attend a video fan sign, you can live vicariously through them. Korean fans have a term called “ttim” where your friend can ask your bias something on your behalf.

“Ttim” is delivering a message for the fan. For example, I have the chance to talk to a member and I don’t have a lot to say to them…but my friend’s bias is him. Then I’ll ask my friend if they have anything they wanna know or a message for the idol, then I’ll deliver it.

— Sehwa

The best part? They’ll say your name aloud and you can have it recorded for you to view forever!

On a video fan signing event, the video of a member saying my name came to me! If [your friend] says, “Sehwa said~” then they’d say, “Oh! Sehwa?” so it feels like you’re actually in the fan sign.

— Sehwa

For more insider information, check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube