15+ Totally Doable And Cute Hairstyle Worn By BLACKPINK’s Rosé You Can Recreate

Who wants to recreate all these styles!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has beautiful locks and with her long hair, she’s tried several cute and totally doable hairstyles! From braids to messy buns, there’s plenty to try out!

1. The coolest high ponytail

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

2. Tiny tight braids


3. High pigtails

4. Messy bun

5. Try getting some see-through bangs

6. Side braids

7. Half-up, half-down


8. Cute bun and swept bangs

9. Low ponytail

10. Cute clips on the back of the head

11. Curled strand

12. Front row mini braids

13. A high ponytail

14. Ribbon braid

15. Cute clips

16. Side braid

17. Curly locks

18. High ponytail braid

19. Low pigtails

20. Super straight hair

21. Space buns