5 Touching Times BTS Brought Suga With Them When He Couldn’t Make It Himself

They’re best friends.

BTS‘s Suga is recovering from a surgery he recently underwent to heal his shoulder pain. Because of this, he could not join his fellow members in their global press conference for BE and their online broadcast.

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Since BTS missed him throughout their early promotions, they brought him with them everywhere! Check out some of their special moments below.

1. When they posed with him in the middle

They held a bond paper-sized picture of the rapper in their global press conference, posing with him in the middle.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

2. When they left a space for him in the group photo

V and Jin made sure to act natural by including Suga in the space between them.

3. When they had an actual cut-out of Suga

Later on during their online broadcast, they upgraded their efforts and included an actual life-sized cut-out of Suga!

4. When they addressed him in the broadcast

They made sure to mention him in the beginning of the video: “Before we start, there’s a vacant seat here. Suga couldn’t make it to this comeback live, so we prepared this cut-out”. Commenting that the panel was “cute”, they couldn’t help but praise him.

5. When they played around with his cut-out

Their friendship stays strong even when the other party is absent! The members played with Suga by taking photos with his image…

…and treating it like real friends would—a little haphazardly.

Suga’s cut-out with lipstick | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Though Suga couldn’t be with his members during their group activities, he held his own surprise live show soon after. He updated fans on his condition, revealing that he’s doing his best to return to work.

I’ll be moving on to rehabilitation soon. I am serious about returning to stage, I am bored out of my mind… This feels like self-isolation. I can’t wait to go back.

— Suga

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Check out the full BTS comeback show below!