5 Valuable Facts About Park Seo Joon That Sound Fake But Are Actually True

What does Park Seo Joon really think about his face? 👀

Fans of actor Park Seo Joon may be aware that he’s currently one of Korea’s hottest celebrities because of the successes of the dramas he’s starred in…

…such as What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? and the latest one which is Itaewon Class.

But do you know about his real name, or about his honest opinions about himself? Check out these five valuable facts about Park Seo Joon and increase your knowledge about the actor today.

1. His Real Name

He was born on December 16, 1988 and his birth name is actually Park Yong Kyu.

He uses his birth name when he donates to charity, such as when he donated 100 million won to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association and another 100 million won to Daegu Metropolitan City to assist in COVID-19-related relief efforts.

2. His Former Childhood Dream

As the eldest of three boys, his original dream was to become a baseball player.

He gave way to his younger brother who also dreamed to become a baseball player — and also because his father thought that his younger brother would be more suited to this profession.

This is a good thing, though, because when he performed on the stage on this 3rd year of junior high school, he realized that his dream is to be an actor, after all.

3. What He Thinks About His Visuals

On an interview, he was quoted as saying:

There is one reason I think my face is good. I am not a double eyelid, my nose is not sharp, and I am not an angled face. Previously, I thought my plain face was my downside.

– Park Seo Joon

In the past, he thought of his “plain” look as a disadvantage. But now, he has a fresh perspective when talking about his visuals.

Now, I think I can take on more roles because I look plain. I hope to become an actor who naturally captures any role in the future. That’s why I should try harder.

– Park Seo Joon

What a humble celebrity indeed!

4. His Favorite Food

Seo Joon loves eating kimchi fried rice, so better get those cooking skills updated!

Oh, by the way, he doesn’t like mint chocolate — something to keep in mind when you talk to him in the future.

5. His Nickname

He was called “Park Sundae” by his co-star Hwang Jung Eum on She Was Pretty because his lips were “thick”. Sundae refers to a type of blood sausage in Korean cuisine.

So, how many of these facts did you already know about him? And which ones were you surprised to learn about? Don’t just stop at Park Seo Joon trivia, though — get ready to feast your eyes on more content about him in the next article below:

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