5 Most Visually Pleasing Moments In BTS Jimin’s “Dionysus” Choreography

So mesmerizing…!

BTS Jimin‘s presence on stage is beyond compare — his talent in dancing and expressing himself through movement is pretty much unrivaled. So what is it that makes his performances so visually pleasing? Here are 5 moments from his “Dionysus” dance practice that show how his attention to detail really adds the right touches to the choreography.


1. The Turn

Note how Jimin turns with both his feet on the ground. It may look easy, but it takes incredible balance. Jimin’s dances are especially satisfying to watch because his moves come with so much balance. He’s not swaying — and that grounded vibe gives Jimin’s gestures an added confidence.


2. The Rise

This sorcery of a move is always a visual pleaser. This “rise” comes with incredible core strength — and moreover, teamwork. Jimin’s complete trust in his teammates and back-up dancers is another reason his performances are so flawless.


3. The Roll

Another outstanding aspect to Jimin’s dance is the “duality”. As seen in this particular move, he goes from powerful lean-ins to a drastically fluid body roll. This ability to micro-manage his movements makes his performances extra expressive. His attention to detail is simply superior


4. The Flip

In general though, Jimin has amazing stamina. Not only from his endless practices, he also keeps up with working out. His muscular build gives him enough force and flexibility to pull off even the most acrobatic moves without much effort. And that “effortlessness” is key to why his performances seem perfect. It is pleasing because he’s not struggling!


5. The Crunch

Speaking of his “muscular build”, his physique adds to the aesthetics of it all. Not only does Jimin have long arms and legs that add grace to his movements, he also has abs of steel that  work extra hard with moves like this one. Though he comes 100% covered in clothing, his precise and clean cut gestures help visualize the toned body wrapped underneath the clothing.

Source: THEQOO and Twitter