5 Ways Chanel Used Lee Dong Wook To Leave Us All Breathless In Awe

Much too sexy!

Actor Lee Dong Wook is one of the many Korean celebrities who come with the nickname “Human Chanel”. In fact, since 2018, he has been the face of the brand’s male cosmetic line Boy de Chanel. And Chanel has never, ever failed to make 200% use of his gloriously gorgeous visual. Here are 5 ways Chanel stopped our hearts with their creative photoshoots with Lee Dong Wook.


1. Sending Him To A Flower Field

For those of us who love nature alongside Lee Dong Wook, this pictorial in promotion of Chanel perfume has been it. Lee Dong Wook in a simple white shirt, standing in a field full of pink roses? Nothing can ever be more romantic than that.

2. Nerdy-ing Him Up

In celebration of Christmas, Chanel had a very specific gift in mind for Lee Dong Wook fans. By dressing him up in a knitted turtleneck sweater — AND — giving him glasses, Chanel cranked up the holiday heat with Lee Dong Wook’s hot-nerdy vibe.


3. Draping Him In Lace

What is Chanel without some lace? And what is lace without Lee Dong Wook? When Chanel draped him in this most feminine, lacey black top, it highlighted his translucent skin tone even more. This vampire visual had many of us dropped on our knees, begging for mercy for sure.


4. Drenching Him In Water

In his most recent pictorial with BAZAAR for Chanel, Lee Dong Wook got wet and wild. It is as if with each photoshoot, Chanel realizes there are endless possibilities to make Lee Dong Wook sexy. And thanks to that, we have soaking Lee Dong Wook!


5. Getting Him In Bed

Most of us will pick Lee Dong Wook’s sexiest shoot ever to be this Cosmopolitan one. As part of a Boy de Chanel promotion, Lee Dong Wook got half naked and rolled around in bed. And oh, how we praised Chanel for knowing exactly what we wanted and needed.

Source: THEQOO