5 Ways To Impress Your Korean Boyfriend And Make Him Go Crazy For You

You’ve already snatched his heart, but here’s how to make sure you keep it!

Last time, we wrote about how to tell whether a Korean guy was into you. If Jina Kim‘s steps to identifying a potential love interest helped, you might have found yourself with a Korean boyfriend. (Congratulations!)

Now, the beautiful Megan Bowen, who married her Korean boyfriend earlier this year, along with her friend Eunice shared the five things Korean boyfriends go crazy for, which we’ve summed up for your convenience below.

Some of Megan and Eunice’s tips are obvious, while others are a little surprising! Of course, as with any advice, these are more generalizations than applicable to every single member of the gender, so bear that in mind before proceeding with wooing your man.

1. Good eating skills

Korean men like it when you eat a lot and will praise you with statements like, “You eat so well.

The ability to eat a lot is big in Korea. They really love it when a fit girl can eat a lot.


2. Baby them a.k.a. show them concern and care

You can show your partner you care by making sure they’re doing well.

Ask them something about their meals or how their body conditioning is or like, looking at this thing on their toe…


If you don’t ask your boyfriend how you’re doing, his feelings might be hurt because he may think you don’t love him.

3. Show respect for his family

Many people date with the intention of getting married, so it’s very important to them to know that you get along with his family.

4. Have something special just for them

If you have a special nickname like “dear” for your boyfriend, but you call everyone “dear”, then it’s not special. They like to have something special just for them, like a pet name or special treatment.

5. Be sexy (in moderation)

Eunice and Megan agree that Korean men appreciate when their partners are sexy… Just in moderation! While showing your décoletté isn’t particularly smiled upon in Korea, showing off your legs and back are A-OK!

What did you think of Megan and Eunice’s advice?