How To Tell If A Korean Guy Is Into You

If you’ve ever wondered, wonder no more!

Most of us have been in situations where we’re hanging out with a guy and find ourselves wondering: Does he like me? Does he not like me? Well, thanks to YouTubers Rachel and Jina Kim (no relation), you don’t have to wonder any longer!

Rachel (right) and Jina (left) were both born and raised in Korea, so they want to pass on their knowledge and share their experiences with their viewers. Jina, in particular, says she knows a lot about Korean men because she’s failed a lot [at dating]. 😂

Both women agreed that many of the scenarios in which a Korean guy might express interest in you involve drinking, because, as they put it, “Koreans drink a lot.

Sign 1: If he asks how you feel.

If you’re out drinking and he asks “are you okay?” followed by “do you want to take a walk?” because he wants to take you away from the group setting and have alone time with you.

Sign 2: If he stares at you.

Jina shared an experience she had in college when she was out with a sunbae and she suddenly felt his eyes on her. When she turned, he was staring at her and smiled, of which she said, “I think that’s one of the skills.

Sign 3: Asking you out for ice cream.

Rachel’s example for this is if you’re out drinking with a guy and he asks, “Do you want to grab an ice cream? Do you want to go to 7-Eleven?” It’s actually a nice set up to enjoy a one-on-one conversation with him while you walk to the convenience store from the bar or restaurant you were at.

What happens if someone you don’t like invites you out for ice cream? You can always do what Jina did in the video and enthusiastically respond, “I hate ice cream!

Sign 4: If he plays with your hair.

Jina was so good at showing off this example, she actually gave Rachel goosebumps and made her blush! During a date, Jina says the guy reached out to play with her hair, asking about her hair color.

Sign 5: If he volunteers to take a shot for you.

Rachel and Jina were talking about how Koreans are so inventive when it comes to drinking games. In fact, they said, it feels like a new one is created every day. If a Korean guy offers to be your knight in shining armor and do a shot for you, it means he likes you!

Sign 6: If he gives you all his stuff to hold.

If you’re at a party and a Korean guy gives his wallet, phone, car keys, etc. to you, it t means he’s interested in you because you have all his stuff! Additionally, by handing you his phone, he’s giving you a clear sign that he’s single.

And, that’s it! Did you learn anything from Rachel and Jina? Has there ever been a time where a guy did all of the things mentioned above?