5 Webtoon-Based K-Dramas To Watch Out For This Summer

#3 has probably one of the most unique concepts ever.

Webtoon adaptations of K-Dramas have grown in popularity, as shows like True BeautyItaewon Class, and Sweet Home continue to mesmerize audiences worldwide. This year alone, there are over 28 webtoons that have been confirmed for production. So, if you are a fan of webtoon-based K-Drama content, here are five upcoming ones you might want to watch out for:

1. A Shoulder To Cry On

If you love a good BL drama, this one is definitely something to look forward to. The show will be based on a popular webtoon, which is authored by Dongmul. The main cast consists of OMEGA X‘s Jaehan and Yechan.

Plot summary: Dayeol is a talented and quiet scholarship student who dreams of becoming an archery master. But his scholarship is put at risk by Taehyun, a chaotic student with a significant amount of emotional baggage that he constantly suppresses. This enemies-to-lovers story blooms when Taehyun frames Dayeol for a crime he didn’t commit, and the two start walking a thin line between love and hate.

The show is slated to be released on March 14, 2023, and you can watch it on Viki.

2. See You In my 19th Life

Based on the webtoon of the same name by Lee Hey, this drama will be centered around a woman’s Life who has reincarnated multiple times. Shin Hye Sun and Ahn Bo Hyun are going to play the lead.

Plot Summary: The story is about Ban Ji Eum, a woman who has reincarnated 19 times and retains all the memories of her past lives. She has been around for nearly a thousand years, and in her 18th life, she meets Moon Seo Ha, who changes her life for the better. But this life gets cut short by an unfortunate accident, and so, in her 19th life, she tries to reconnect with him again, along with the others she left behind last time.

The show is estimated to be released during the first half of 2023. You can watch it on Netflix or tvN.

3. Duty After School

If you love sci-fi and thriller, this might fit the bill perfectly. The drama is adapted from a webtoon by the same name, authored by Ikwon Ha. The main cast includes Shin Hyun SooIm Se MiKim Ki HaeLee Yeon, Moon Sang MinKwon Eun BinKim Su GyeomKim Min Chul, and Lee Soon Won.

Plot Summary: The story portrays a dystopian society where slimy alien creatures invade the earth, threatening human life. When military power falls short, the government decides to conscript high school and university students to fight unfamiliar enemies. The students earn extra points through their conscription ahead of their SATs.

The show is slated to release on March 31, 2023, and you can watch it on TVING.

4. Joseon Attorney

This production is ready to wrap the two successful genres of K-Drama into one. If you love historical dramas or have a niche interest in law-based shows, this one will check all the right boxes for you. Based on a webtoon of the same name by Sim Gun and Writer Jeong, this Joseon-era story will be depicted on screen by Woo Do HwanWJSN‘s Bona, and VIXX‘s N.

Plot Summary: Kang Han Soo is a Joseon-era lawyer who came into the profession seeking revenge for his parent’s death. He orchestrates lawsuits and takes advantage of his clients but accidentally gets hailed as a savior. He becomes involved with princess Lee Yeon Joo and judge Yoo Ji Sun, who are genuinely dedicated to the well-being of the country. Eventually, Kang Han Soo confronts his own ways and grows as a dedicated server of justice.

The show will start airing on March 31, 2023, on MBC.

5. Bloodhounds

Based on the webtoon of the same name by author Jeong Chan, this action thriller will star Woo Do HwanLee Sang Yi, and Park Sung Woong.

Plot Summary: In this dog-eat-dog world, two young men, Geon Woo and Woojin, are met with the life that comes with crippling debt. The duo can do anything for money, so they decide to become living hunting dogs of loan sharks.

The show is set to release during the second quarter of 2023. You can stream it on Netflix.

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