5 Extreme Foods That These Idols Love To Eat – Could You Stomach Them?

Would you eat grilled pork with chocolate cereal?

You may love your idols but it doesn’t mean you have the same taste in food as them! Some of these idols eat the most wild food combinations ever. Here’s 5 that will make your tongue burn even by thinking of it.

1. SHINee Taemin’s grilled pork and cereal

On his reality show, TAEM-LOG 6v6, the star showed off his cooking skills as he made his dinner. He showed fans his absolute favorite cereal, chocolate Chex, but also shocked fans with a surprising side dish.

He grilled some pork belly to go with the cereal! He also microwaved some store-bought kimchi with mineral water to eat with the meal, rounding it off with some rice.

Watch the full clip below, but you may be shocked at his cooking skills.

2. NCT Jaemin’s iced americano with 8 shots

On an episode of Idol Room, Jaemin shared that he loves to drink his iced americano with 8 shots. Given that the regular americano ranges from 1 – 3 shots depending on size, Jaemin’s tastebuds are really strong! He also shared that he drinks it without water but only ice.

This has given rise to the name, “namericano”, based off his last name, Na. Fans have been trying the “namericano” challenge and uploading their experiences on social media, although most say they will never try it again.

3. Kang Daniel’s raw bacon, hot sauce and frozen spring onions

Nation’s center, Kang Daniel once shared on It’s Dangerous Outside The Blankets that he loves to eat his bacon raw.

He also enjoys eating it with hot sauce and frozen spring onions. His fellow castmates were shocked at the way he shovelled in the raw meat without a second thought!

4. TWICE Tzuyu’s cookies and rice

On jtbc’s Girls Who Eat Well, Tzuyu shared that one of her favorite childhood snacks was crushed cookie crumbles atop white rice. When asked on how it tastes like, Tzuyu said that it was indeed an acquired taste!

5. Girl’s Day Minah’s fish eyeballs

On Law of the Jungle, the cast were grilling fish to eat and Minah shared that the eyeball was actually the most delicious part. When she was younger, her grandfather would feed it to her, but afterwards she fell for its savoury taste and loves eating it on her own even now!

What do you think of these weird food combinations that these idols love to eat? Would you be able to try them?