5 Most Wholesome Survival Show Moments

These moments will warm your heart.

Just because it’s a competition doesn’t mean it has to be tense all the time. Here is a list of wholesome survival show moments!

1. Sana making JYP spring rolls

During SIXTEEN, JYP had given the girls a mission to show their charms. They could do anything as long as it showed their charming points. While most girls chose to sing or dance, Sana chose to make JYP spring rolls.

She showed her cute and lovable side, which JYP loved. She even asked if it was okay that the ingredients weren’t organic!

2. Jonghyun Leading Kwon Hyunbin

During their first evaluation stage, Jonghyun was the leader of the Sorry Sorry team. In his team was YGK+ trainee Kwon Hyunbin, who had no prior experience to the trainee lifestyle.

At the start, Hyunbin was receiving negative feedback since he didn’t keep up with the choreography. Instead of getting mad at him, he took the blame and sacrificed his time to teach Hyunbin the moves. He was extremely thankful for this and they have become close friends after this.

3. Jisung holding Minho’s hand while he raps

Per request of JYP, Minho had to rap. However, he had no prior practice and it was his first time rapping, so he was understandably nervous.

Sensing this, Jisung held his hand to comfort him as he raps. He also timed the beats to help Minho with his flow. Changbin can also be seen at the side softly rapping to help Minho through it.

4. Sohye thanking Sejeong for helping her

During their Irony stage, Sejeong had helped train Sohye on how to both sing and dance. This was big for not just Sohye but for Sejeong, for she herself is not confident in her dancing. Still, she took the initiative to teach her.

Sohye went from having no experience on the stage to confidently performing the song. During the eliminations, Sohye ranked 11th. With tears in her eyes, she thanked Sejeong for being such a good teacher.

5. The friendship between Hyewon and Minami

Hyewon and Minami had become friends after working together for their Boombayah stage in Produce 48. Despite the language barrier – with Hyewon not being able to speak Japanese and Minami not being able to speak Korean – their friendship blossomed.

Before the eliminations, Hyewon and Minami talked about how hard it will be if one of them doesn’t make it to the final round. As they spoke, Hyewon couldn’t help but shed tears.

When Hyewon got into the next round and Minami didn’t, Hyewon mentioned Minami in her speech. This caused Minami to shed tears, sad that they could no longer share the stage together.

Sato Minami. I am so happy to be your friend and to be with you in one team. Even if we have to be apart, I hope one day we’ll meet again.

– Kang Hyewon

Which wholesome survival show moment is your favorite?

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