5+ Most “What The F*ck Just Happened” Slaps From K-Dramas, Featuring Your Favorite Foods

Yes, your favorite foods.

You know it: K-Drama is called drama for a reason. And in most K-Dramas, as each episode gets more dramatic, there is that one scene — The Slap. Most of these K-Drama slaps are used as a climactic tool, to highlight the conflict and blow up the tension that has been building. In some series, though, the slaps have become too extreme and almost humorous, to the point they leave the viewers going, “What the f*ck just happened?” Here are the 5+ craziest K-Drama slaps viewers have seen thus far, featuring some of your favorite foods. Yup, your favorite foods.

1. Everybody Say Kimchi (2014)

As perhaps the most original K-Drama “food slap”, this kimchi slap in Everybody Say Kimchi became viral when the episode aired in 2014. The ex-mother-in-law paid a visit to her ex-son-in-law to discuss his company sabotaging her daughter’s kimchi business. When the ex-son-in-law called his ex-mother-in-law and ex-wife “rude and stupid”… Well, that’s when the kimchi went flying.

2. Eve Love (2015)

In 2015’s Eve Love, the sly daughter-in-law tried to pretend she cooked up the take-out feast for the visitors at her chaebol in-laws’ house. When her cover got blown though, the mother-in-law got extremely upset and chucked an entire plate of spaghetti on the daughter-in-law’s face. Now that is some in-law nightmare material!

3. Woman of Dignity (2017)

If 2015’s crazy K-Drama slap was in robust tomato sauce, 2017’s crazy K-Drama slap came in creamy alfredo. In Woman of Dignity, the female lead did not hold back her anger when she found out her husband has been cheating on her. What happened to the woman who tried to get romantic with a married man? She had her face beaten with pasta noodles. That’s got to be embarrassing.

4. Happy Sisters (2017)

It seems 2017 was a wild year, even for K-Dramas. In Happy Sisters, this daughter-in-law had been lying to her mother-in-law for a long time, pretending to be pregnant with her grandchild. When the mother-in-law found out it had all been one big lie, she did not hesitate to paste Korean bean paste all over the liar’s face. She also slapped the deceptive daughter-in-law with a roll of kimbap — making this one a serious a double trouble.

5. Welcome to Waikiki (2018)

By 2018, the game got one-upped by Welcome to Waikiki when the female lead brought KBBQ to the mix. This character, who has forever wanted to work for a press company, finally got a chance at an interview. Unfortunately, the interviewer took her to a KBBQ restaurant for the interview, only to blabber inappropriate comments and sexually harass her there. When she got fed up, she grabbed what she could — which came to be a strip of marinated galbi — and slapped some sense back into the interviewer.

6. Gracious Revenge (2019)

In 2019’s Gracious Revenge, a wealthy chaebol woman filed for divorce — but the husband did not want to lose the affluent lifestyle. He ended up scheming evil plots to postpone the divorce… but as all K-Drama plots go, he was caught in the act pretty soon. The wife got frustrated with her incompetent husband. And what do K-Drama characters do with incompetent husbands? They slap them with fried chicken, or so it seems.

Source: Nate Pann