These 6 Actresses Are Known As “Acting Geniuses” And Rose To Popularity Straight After Debut

They didn’t have any struggle periods!

Actors and actresses usually go through a period in their careers where they run into obstacles trying to find popularity. These 6 actresses, however, soared to popularity almost instantaneously but only after beating out some intense competition. Let’s take a look at the 6 lucky ladies.

1. Kim Go Eun

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The beloved Goblin and The King: Eternal Monarch actress Kim Go Eun is first up on this list. She was always known for her beautiful, yet innocent face as she was known on her college campus for her visuals. She made her debut in the film, Eungyo but to do so, she beat 300 other actresses to take on the lead role for the movie. It was through this film that Kim Go Eun was able to showcase her incredible acting abilities, which led to her future casting in cult favorite K-drama, Goblin.

2. Kim Si-A

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Child actress Kim Si-A is next up on this list. While she may not be as familiar as the actress before her, she beat 600 other child actors for her role in the movie Miss Baek. She acted alongside actress Han Ji Min and the two showed off their amazing chemistry in the film. After this movie, the young child actress was quickly cast in other projects, such as The House Of Us and The Closet. While she is only 12 years old, viewers couldn’t help but be amazed by her acting ability whenever she came on the screen.

3. Kim Tae Ri

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Mr. Sunshine actress Kim Tae Ri is another lady who had zero problems gaining popularity after her debut. She beat 1,500 other actresses to get the lead role of Sook-Hee in the thriller film, The Handmaiden. She encompassed the role perfectly, winning the New Actress Award at numerous different award ceremonies. After her well deserved recognition, she instantly soared to popularity eventually getting the lead female role in Mr. Sunshine not too long after.

4. Shin Eun Soo

Rookie JYP Entertainment actress Shin Eun Soo turned heads when people started calling her the “second Suzy” due to their similar visuals. She didn’t need the extra publicity, however, as her debut project was a film where she got to act alongside one of South Korea’s most notable actors, Kang Dong Won. She beat out 300 other actresses to get the role, making her official debut in the film, The Vanishing Time. Not too long after, she was cast in the popular Netflix series, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.

5. Kim Da Mi

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Itaewon Class actress Kim Da Mi is on this list as well, as she saw popularity right after her debut. Having only made her debut in 2017, the actress exploded in popularity after her main role in The Witch: Part 1. She beat 1,500 other hopeful actors who were competing for the role but it ended up going to the talented actress. She won numerous Best New Actress awards, gaining the recognition she truly deserved. It wasn’t too long after that she was cast in the widely successful drama, Itaewon Class.

6. Shin Si-ah

You may have not heard of rookie actress Shin Si-ah yet, but you definitely will in the future. She was recently cast as the lead role for upcoming film, The Witch: Part 2, which is set to premiere in 2021. She beat an impressive 1,408 actresses to get this coveted role. What makes it more impressive is the fact that the rookie actress has no previous experience, garnering even more attention to her casting choice. Netizens are also curious to see how the rookie actress will do since The Witch: Part 1 saw an incredible amount of success and actress Kim Da Mi soared to popularity after her debut in that film.

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