6 Celebrities Who Suppress Their Painful Panic Disorders Just for Their Fans

It’s definitely not easy being a celebrity with panic disorder.

It’s not uncommon for a star to develop conditions that make it harder for them to continue their activities as celebrities. However, there are quite a few Korean stars who do their best to hide their panic disorders from their fans in order to keep them from worrying. Here are 6 celebrities who suppress their panic disorders just for their fans.

1. TWICE’s Mina

Just last year, TWICE‘s Mina halted her activities after revealing that she was suffering from an anxiety disorder. Mina suffered so much stress and anxiety by being on stage that she was unable to participate in TWICE’s comeback. However, just for her fans, Mina participated in the filming of “Feel Special” and even touched fans with a surprise appearance at a fan meeting.

2. Hyuna

Hyuna recently confessed to fans that she’s been suffering from depression and panic disorder since 2016. This hit fans especially hard because Hyuna is normally known for her very bubbly and upbeat personality on stage, which makes it hard to believe that she’s been battling such disorders.

3. WINNER’s Song Mino

Back in 2018, Song Mino confessed that he had suffered from panic disorder in the past, surprising many fans. He shared, “I didn’t think it was true, but after many things overlapped, that happened. I always have to show my best self and shine brightly for the public, but behind all that, there are things I have to endure and take responsibility for.

4. Kian84

The famous cartoonist turned TV personality suffered from panic disorder since back in 2014. Even at the 2019 MBC Entertainment Awards, Kian84 was captured taking his medicine before going up on stage to accept his award, which drew quite the attention. What made fans feel even sadder was the fact that he took 3 times the amount he usually takes just so that he could survive the awards ceremony.

5. Jeong Hyeong Don

Back in 2015, Jeong Hyeong Don confessed that he was suffering from panic disorder and halted his activities. He shared that he had been suffering for a while and that it got to the point where he couldn’t handle it. At the time, Jeong Hyeong Don was appearing on MBC’s Infinite Challenge, and he said he felt nervous and oppressed on the show.

6. Kim Goo Ra

Back in 2014, Kim Goo Ra expressed stuffiness in his chest, and when he got to the hospital, he was diagnosed with panic disorder. After that, he was being treated for 7 months, but the doctor said the symptoms worsened and told him to get absolute rest, causing him to be hospitalized for quite some time.