7 Facts That Prove NCT’s Mark Really, Really Loves Watermelon

🎵 I don’t know if I could ever go without… 🎵

Fans of NCT‘s Mark would know the rapper is a huge fan of watermelons. From the kitchen to the stage, he’s often seen eating, holding, or even wearing his favorite fruit. Here’s a list of 7 times Mark proved he is a true watermelon lover!

1. He can eat it with anything.

Mark (black hair, far left) admits he eats watermelon with rice.

During a livestream with NCT DREAM, Renjun once said that he was surprised when he heard Mark eats watermelon with rice! Mark explained that he can eat watermelon with anything, calling it a “nice fruit” that he can even eat with kimchi and ham.

When Chenle pointed out that watermelon is only available in the summer, Mark said its limited availability is the beauty of it!

2. It’s his designated symbol…

Though Mark is often referred to with a tiger emoji, he’s also associated with watermelons!

In NCT DREAM’s menu for Cafe 7 Dream, Mark’s signature drink was a watermelon-ade. The merchandise from this event represented Mark with a watermelon emoji!

When he returned to Show! Music Core as a special MC, he even wore a watermelon-style vest and pin.  

3. …and his prop!

Whether it’s during concerts or livestreams, Mark is often seen holding some type of watermelon-related prop!

During NCT 127‘s Seoul stop on their “NEO CITY – The Origin” world tour, Mark closely held a watermelon-shaped balloon.

And in a livestream, Mark was seen with a watermelon pillow in his arms.

It seems like no matter where he goes, watermelons will follow!

4. He’s always found eating it.

If there’s watermelon there, Mark will be eating it! When NCT 127 visited Johnny‘s childhood home in Chicago, Mark was found eating his favorite fruit.

Taeil joked that he wasn’t eating it because he wanted to, but “out of responsibility,” which Mark quickly denied, proving he just really likes it!

 Mark was spotted in SuperM‘s dressing room eating watermelon as well; it wouldn’t be surprising if the staff typically prepare watermelon for Mark!

5. Weekly Idol‘s gift went straight to him.

At the end of every Weekly Idol episode, the featured artists are typically given a given. Most often this gift is a large pack of Korean meat, but sometimes the idols are surprised with something else!

In NCT’s case, they’ve received watermelons on multiple occasions.

Johnny hands Mark the watermelon prize on Weekly Idol Ep. 378.

At the end of NCT 2018‘s appearance on the show, NCT DREAM received a watermelon after winning the episode’s challenge.

Though the members attempted to be excited over the gift, host Jung Hyung Don apologized for the small gift to the 18 members.  

But Haechan explained that Mark really loves watermelon, so the gift was presented to him!

6. Show! Music Core always gifts him a watermelon.

Mark was an MC on Show! Music Core for one year, and left his role in January 2019. He must still have a close relationship with the crew, because every time he makes an appearance, they gift him a watermelon.

He sent this photo to fans when the show gifted him not one, but multiple watermelons! The sign behind him reads, “There’s a watermelon farm for Mark at Show! Music Core.”

7. His new profile picture on Instagram

On NCT DREAM’s most recent performance on Show! Music Core, Mark was gifted watermelons once again! This time he took to his Instagram to post some photos with the caption, “It ain’t summer if there ain’t no 🍉.

He even updated his profile picture to a shot of him holding up his favorite fruit!

From all the times he has professed his love for the fruit, there’s no doubt that Mark is a certified watermelon fan! Fans wish Mark and his watermelons a long and happy life.