6 Female Celebrities Who Aren’t Afraid Of Eating A Lot On Broadcast

They’re breaking standards.

With South Korea’s particularly high beauty standards, it’s no wonder female celebrities are known for always being on a diet. That’s why it’s especially rare to see them eating uninhibitedly on live television.

Read on to see 6 celebrities who broke standards for not just eating on broadcast but eating a lot!

1. Gong Hyo Jin

Actress Gong Hyo Jin guested on the April 3 episode of the MBC reality show I Live Alone. She revealed to best friend Son Dam Bi that she bought four portions of meat to eat, causing viewers to envy her for being able to eat big portions without gaining weight!


2. Han So Hee

Up and coming actress Han So Hee is also one to not sacrifice food for weight. In a past Instagram live, she freely ate in front of her viewers. She also posted an Instagram Story sharing that she doesn’t like eating chicken breasts all the time. Chicken breasts are regularly eaten by people on a diet. With her slim body, she really doesn’t have to lose any weight!


3. Hyeri

Girls’ Day‘s Hyeri is well known for being a lover of food. She has appeared on a number of broadcasts where she showed off her strong appetite, confidently eating large portions of noodles and cupcakes. This is especially rare to see in a female celebrity!


4. Lee Yoo Ri

Actress Lee Yoo Ri appeared on KBS‘s Convenience Store Restaurant and had a live mukbang, eating grilled pork, noodles, pizza, and vegetables in front of the camera. Even with all of this food, she still manages to maintain her slim figure!


5. Kwon Nara

Kwon Nara guested on I Live Alone last year, and she surprised viewers by eating a lot of high calorie food such as jjajangmyeon and tteokbokki. In a behind-the-scenes video of the drama Itaewon Class, she was again seen eating without restraint. This is just even more reason to be a fan!


6. Hwasa

Finally, MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa was a guest on I Live Alone back in 2018, where she ate giblets very deliciously. After the broadcast aired, giblets became out of stock nationwide! Hwasa manages to stay as fit as she is even if she eats as much as she wants!

Source: Insight