Here Are 6 Female Stars Who Fight Through Depression Thanks To Their Fans

They are warriors.

Mental health plays such a big role in everyone’s lives and it is crucial that society recognizes the importance. While South Korea has a long way to go, these 6 female stars once openly talked about their struggles with depression, but they fought through it thanks to their fans.

1. HyunA


To start off our list, we have singer HyunA. Back in 2019, the “I’m Not Cool” singer shared on her personal Instagram page her struggles with depression and panic disorder. She wrote, “I am getting treated for depression and panic disorder.” She continued by sharing, “I thought I would be okay because I am surrounded by people who are always there for me, as well as my fans. It was only after I went to the hospital that I realized I wasn’t. I go to receive treatment once a week now.” She had previously pushed back her highly anticipated comeback due to health reasons back in August of 2020. She came back stronger than ever, however, with “I’m Not Cool” and “GOOD GIRL” just a few weeks ago thanks to the loving support from her fans.

2. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon is next up on this list. The “What Do I Call You” singer also revealed through her Instagram page her personal struggles that she has been battling. “I am struggling with depression.” She further shared with her fans that she has been doing everything she can to get better. “I have been taking medication and doing my best to get better.” The girl group member continued her confession by saying, “Whether its bipolar disorder or depression, please don’t look at me differently. Everyone is hurting in some way.” While our hearts are heavy thinking about Taeyeon going through such personal turmoil, we are glad to hear that she is taking time to receive the help she needs. Her fans have also been an incredible support system to the singer, as they are always rallying behind her in times of need.

3. Suzy

Third on this list is Start-Up actress, Suzy. Back in 2013, Suzy featured as a guest on SBS‘s variety program, Healing Camp where she talked about her own personal experiences with depression. “I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. I thought to myself, ‘Will I be able to continue living in this way? Will I be able to endure through it again tomorrow?’ These were the thoughts that I had.” She then shared a story during her time on the show about the raw emotions she went through with a friend. “One time, I was talking to my friend and I started laughing, but then out of nowhere I started to cry.” The actress has had her share of hardships, but it is thanks to her fans that she has been able to continue her acting promotions.

4. Choa

Former AOA member Choa comes in at number 4 on our list. In 2017, the former girl group member shocked AOA fans by revealing that she would be leaving the group due to depression and insomnia. She further shared that, “In the team, I was the oldest unnie, but I was still young during our promotions and there were many times when all I wanted to do was cry.” Choa bravely continued by sharing, “In order to treat my insomnia and depression, I started to take medication. For the past 2 years, my promotions started to decrease little by little because I was just so tired. It wasn’t a small problem, however, so eventually all my activities came to a halt.” While she has been on a hiatus, Choa has recently made her return thanks to the constant support and encouragement from her fans.

5. Solbi

Next up we have singer and television personality, Solbi. She was a guest on JTBC‘s Talking Street where she shared with the viewers her experiences with depression. She revealed that her fake sex tape scandal was the trigger behind it all. “There was a time when someone used my name in a video, which spread all over social media. My mom had to be hospitalized due to the shock she received. Not only that, but someone robbed my home and during this time, I was unable to live my normal everyday life due to the depression that had developed.” Solbi had a hard time resuming her entertainer activities and took up painting as as hobby during these times. She was able to overcome her depression through her newfound hobby, as well as the constant support she received from her fans.

6. Kyungri

Last, but not least we have former Nine Muses member Kyungri. The former model shared with the viewers of tvN‘s TAXI her hardships with depression. Back in 2018, Kyungri revealed that, “(Due to rumors) there was a time I went through hardships. When my members left, ‘Members Left Because Of Kyungri’ started to spread all over the internet.” She continued by sharing, “The unnies who left the group ended things with the company on a good note and left on good terms. The rumors that stated it was because of me, however, started my depression.” It was only thanks to the support and encouragement from her loyal fans that Kyungri was able to overcome her depression.

Source: Insight