Here Are 6 Female Stars Who Believe In The Importance Of Living With A Partner Before Marriage

#4 stood up to her dad with her opinion!

Living with a partner before marriage is a taboo subject in South Korea and it may still be received negatively by the public. Which is why these 6 female stars are absolutely amazing for sharing their bold opinions that you should live with a partner before marriage. Let’s take a look!

1. Singer Seo In Young

Starting off our list is singer, Seo In Young. Back in 2015, the former girl group member featured as a guest on SBS‘s Some Guys, Some Girls and it was here that she shared her bold opinion. “I think it’s good for people to live with who they love before they get married.” She continued by elaborating why she believes in this statement. “I think it’s important to know someone before you get married to them. You need time to get to know one another.” She also shared that living with someone is a crucial part of figuring out their true tendencies. “When you live with someone, that’s when you figure out their tendencies.”

2. Singer Lee Hyori

Next up on our list is the ever beautiful, Lee Hyori. While she is currently happily married, she previously revealed her opinions on living with a partner before marriage. On an episode of SBS’s Healing Camp, the former girl group member shared, “You may figure out after marriage that you’re not compatible with someone. It’s important to take the time and get to know someone by living together with them.” After she got married, Lee Hyori honestly revealed what she did with her now husband, Lee Sang Soon“We’ve been married for 10 years now, but 2 years before we got married, we lived together.

3. Singer Jessi

Third on our list is our favorite fierce rapper, Jessi. On an episode of Bob Bless You 2, the singer revealed her thoughts on living with someone before marriage. “You live with your regrets.” She continued to share what she meant by that statement by honestly declaring, “you can always get married after you live together with someone.” Jessi has always been known for her blunt and honest remarks, and this was no different.

4. Actress Lee Ye Rim

The daughter of comedian, Lee Kyung Kyu makes it onto this list as well. Actress Lee Ye Rim previously shared her honest opinions on this subject. She appeared on KakaoTV‘s Jjin Kyung Kyu with her dad, where Lee Kyung Kyu shared his opinions on the matter. In his efforts to get his daughter to wait for marriage before living with someone, the comedian shared, “You can lose respect for someone in 3 days after living with them. It’s like you’re preparing to see the worst.” Lee Ye Rim, however, responded with, “It’s whether or not you can handle that person’s worst attributes. You can only figure that out by living with that person.”

5. Actress Choi Yeo Jin

Actress Choi Yeo Jin comes in hot at number 5 on our list. The 37-year-old actress previously shared that, “I think that marriage could be the premise of living together.” The actress shocked the studio of Mnet‘s The Lover’s premiere when she shared, “my mom actually told me to live with someone before I have kids.” She further revealed her mother’s opinion by sharing, “When you live with someone, little things become evident so if you find someone that you want to marry, I think it’s good to live with them before you decide on marriage.”

6. Singer DALsooobin

DALsooobin is last up on our list, coming in at number 6. Back in 2014, the former Dal Shabet member shared her thoughts on the topic on an episode of JTBC‘s Hottest Square. It was here that the former girl group member shared, “I don’t think it’d be a bad thing to live with someone you love, someone you plan on getting married to, in advance before you get married.” She continued by saying, “It’s because everyone is used to their own ways of life. When you date someone outside, you don’t get the opportunity to see the way people live.”