6 Funny Fancall Moments That Went Viral

#4 is absolutely hilarious!

One of the best things to come out of K-Pop from the past couple of years is undoubtedly the introduction of the fancall. Gaining huge popularity over the Covid-19 pandemic, idols can interact with their fans through said fancalls in the same way they were able to during fan sign events before the pandemic, and with current technology, fans have the ability to record these fancall moments they have with their favorite idols. Here are 6 moments when an interaction via fancall went viral for being hilarious!

1. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon’s Food Suggestion

In this fancall recording, a fan asks SEVENTEEN’s Vernon what restaurants they should try when visiting his hometown of Hongdae, Seoul. After deliberating for a while, he tells the fan his choice is McDonald’s!

2. NCT Mark’s Casual Conversation

Recently, this fancall recording of NCT’s Mark has been going viral due to his casual way of speaking. In the video, he is responding to the fans question about fruit with pure excitement! Viewers love how energetic he is!

3. SEVENTEEN’s THE8 Holding Back His Laughter

In a viral fancam, a fan plays the recorder for SEVENTEEN’s THE8 to the tune of “Happy Birthday” THE8 wordlessly watches and tries to hold back laughter at the fans less-than-perfect recorder skills!

4. BILLLIE’s Suhyeon Catches A Mosquito

All seems normal in this fancall with BILLLIE’s Suhyeon when suddenly the idol gets distracted by a mosquito. Suhyeon catches the mosquito out of thin air, which was shocking to both the fan and Suhyeon herself!

5. MONSTA X’s Kihyun Bonds With A Fan

In this fancall, a fan expresses her frustration with her age, saying, “I’m 28!” to which MONSTA X’s Kihyun replied, “I’m 30!” Which made both of them laugh.

6. CIX’s Seunghun Referencing A Fan’s Tweets

Recently, CIX’s Seunghun and a fan had a fancall. The fancall started with Seunghun asking, “Are you in Korea?” to which the fan replied, “No, i’m back home now!” Next, Seunghun asks, “How did you enjoy Lotte World?” which left the fan speechless, as it meant he saw her Twitter account!


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