Here Are 6 Hairstyles That Will Make You Fall For BTS’s Jungkook

It should seriously be illegal to look this good

We all know that hair is a huge part of any idol’s career. It can signify a comeback, a new era or sometimes, an image transformation. The boys of BTS are no strangers to hair evolutions so let’s take a look at 6 different hairstyles of our favorite golden maknaeJungkook.

1. Dark And Tousled

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We are kickstarting this list with a baby Jungkook. He is looking mighty young in this photo but we are digging his hair. It’s a look that most, if not all male idols have rocked at some point in their career. The natural dark brown color and tousled waves is a no brainer and it looks good on just about everybody. This hairstyle was popular back in the day with the gelled up look, making it effortless but cool all at the same time.

2. Go-To Blonde

Another look that most male idols have rocked at some point in their career. The highlighted blonde color is a go-to for idols when they not only want to look good, but also when they want to stand out on stage. Jungkook looks absolutely amazing with the highlighted blonde hair and shorter hairstyle. Also, the overall color compliments him very well.

3. All Natural

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We love a good natural look which Jungkook again, pulls off quite perfectly. This one is a little more modern with the way the bang pieces are slightly curled in the front but all the while looking effortless. It kind of looks like he rolled out of bed but also kind of looks like it took a couple hours to accomplish this hairdo. We also love how the soft curls seem to accentuate the softness in his face.

4. Bold Red

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Wow do we love a bold color on our idols or what! Jungkook dyed his hair red and it was the talk of the town for awhile. He usually isn’t known for his bold color choices so this one caught everyone off guard, but in the best way possible. While the hairstyle may not be as exciting on its own, the color alone is enough to capture viewers’ attentions and let’s be real, this bold color did just that. With an all black outfit, the bright red hair stands out even more.

5. Wavy Mullet

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This hair is everything and honestly, it was the beginning of a new era Jungkook. We already loved the 100% natural color but mix in the waves and the length? ARMYs you doing okay? He looks smoking! The maturity that he exudes with this adult hairstyle is incredible. We all know that this style cannot be pulled off by everyone, but somehow the golden maknae blows us away, yet again with his incredibly handsome chameleon ways.

6. Wet, Slicked Back

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Last but not least, is this intense look. Jungkook is sporting the same red hair as before but this time, it’s wet and slicked back. I don’t think he realizes the affect he has on his fans but wow, this look is something else. Again, he exudes maturity but in a different manner. Maybe it’s the wetness, maybe it’s because it’s slicked back but regardless of the reasoning, he looks pretty darn sexy with this look.


Which one is your favorite Jungkook hairstyle?

Source: Instiz