6 Hairstyles CHUNGHA Pulled Off Which You Can Recreate

No one does it like CHUNGHA!

CHUNGHA always has nice stage outfits, really pretty make-up, and even more amazing hair! She has constantly wore hairstyles that fit her and her outfits well.

Here are 6 hairstyles, CHUNGHA has tried, that anyone can try to recreate.

1. See-through bangs!

CHUNGHA colors her hair a light caramel brown and got bangs for her look! She poses cutely for the camera and looks happy to share her new hair color with her fans.

2. Natural colored-black!

Fans want nothing more but to see their favorite idols in black hair, and wow, did CHUNGHA deliver! She looks fierce and strong in black hair as compared to brown-colored hair!

3. Braids for days!

CHUNGHA wears braids to perform her promotional song and fans want to recreate this look as soon as they saw her in it.

4. Big braids!

CHUNGHA keeps it a bit clean and neat with two big braids on her hair!

5. Keep it simple!

Sometimes having your hair rest for a while and just letting it be, is the best!

6. More braids and waves!

CHUNGHA has her hair braided and most of it curled at the bottom part to give the look more volume.