6 Hilarious Quotes By LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura On The “Psick Show” That Deserve To Be On A T-Shirt

Who knew she could be this effortlessly hilarious?

On May 7, KST, LE SSERAFIM members Sakura and Yunjin appeared as guests on Psick University‘s YouTube program, Psick Show. Fitting to the relaxed mood of the show, both the idols charmed viewers and hosts with their laid-back personalities. Sakura, quite unexpectedly, ended up stealing the show with some hilarious one-liners that have the potential to become inside jokes for LE SSERAFIM fans.

Here are six quotes from Sakura on the show that could one day make for awesome merch t-shirt ideas:

1. “Were you hit?”

When the show’s hosts asked Yunjin to teach them her selfie tricks, she showed them how to do her classic nose-scrunch-and-pout expression and the exact angle she clicks from. When Jung Jae Hyung tried to follow her, the result was pretty…different. Sakura, being the menace she is, immediately asked him why he looked like his face had taken a hit in the selfie.

2. “Osong dosong.”

During a game where the LE SSERAFIM members had to guess the meaning of certain niche Korean expressions, Sakura was asked to guess what the phrase “Oson Doson” implies. Her response? Something that looked like Wednesday Adams dancing to “Bloody Mary.”

3. “Just the vibe.”

Sakura revealed a big secret at the Psick Show. She shared that when ordering food, she uses the alias Kim Yoona for herself since Miyawaki Sakura gives away her identity too easily. When the hosts asked why she chose that name, she simply replied, “Just the vibe.”

4. “Science, science”

While the Psick Show hosts were busy trying to convince both guests of the accuracy of personality analysis based on blood type, Yunjin seemed genuinely intrigued. Sakura, on the other hand, kept playfully teasing them, saying, “Science! Science!

5. “We’re idols”

After the hosts were done explaining why blood type-based character analysis is accurate, both Yunjin and Sakura gave eager reactions. Host Lee Yong Joo then said that the two singers were very kind to give such a response because, usually, these banters only make people call them old. Sakura came flying with a punch, replying that they were being kind only because, as idols, they have no other choice on camera. The entire room broke into laughter at her dry sense of humor.

6. “Do you get paid equally?”

Throughout the episode, Kim Min Soo was the host that had most of the crazy shenanigans going. When the guests tried to teach him the key part of their “Unforgiven” choreography, he broke into another bit, prompting laughs from the entire room. Sakura then took everyone by surprise when she asked, “Do you guys get paid equally?” and had the hosts wheezing.

When Jung Jae Hyung asked her who she thought should get paid the least among the three hosts, she quickly pointed at him, sending the room into another fit of snickers.