6 Idols With A Signature Pose

#2 is famous for this pose!

When it comes to taking selfies, K-Pop fans can agree that idols have the best photo skills. Often, idols will stick to the same poses when taking selfies, and some have even used the same pose so often it has become their “signature pose” according to fans. Here are six idols whose signature selfie poses are adored by fans!

1. BTS V Making A V

BTS’s Taehyung, who goes by the stage name V, often uses a “V” pose in photos, usually around his eye. Fans love this pose as it’s a clever play on his stagename!

2. LOONA CHUU’s Iconic Apple Heart

Though there was much speculation around the creation of the “apple heart” pose, it can most likely be traced back to LOONA’s CHUU! Without this contribution to idol poses, there would be a lot less selfies taken!

3. ATEEZ YUNHO’s Close Up Selfie

Fans of ATEEZ know that Yunho is famous for his close up selfies that emphasize his big eyes and even bigger cheeks! There are so many selfies with this pose that fans consider it to be his signature selfie pose.

4. ASTRO EUNWOO’s Flower Pose

Cha Eunwoo of ASTRO is known for his delicate visuals, so it isn’t surprising that his go-to pose for photos resembles a flower! He often uses a “flower” pose when being photographed, and fans can’t get enough!

5. IU’s Blooming Flower Pose

Similar to Eunwoo’s flower pose, IU often is photographed with her own variation of a flower pose, closer to a “blooming flower” pose!

6. SEVENTEEN HOSHI’s “Horanghae”

Almost everyone who enjoys K-Pop is aware of the famous “Horanghae” pose coined by Seventeen’s Hoshi! It seems that nowadays, there isn’t a photo taken of Hoshi that doesnt end in the famous claw pose!

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