6 K-Drama Characters Whose Style Will Forever Be Iconic

These characters are fashion goals!

K-Dramas are filled with unpredictable plot twists, swoon-worthy romances, unforgettable friendships, and incredible acting performances.

Of course, they’re filled with stylish outfits, too!

Here are 6 K-Drama characters whose closets we’d like to raid!

1. Hong Cha Young (Vincenzo)

Jeon Yeo Been rocked tons of power suits as Hong Cha Young in Vincenzo!

As a fierce, highly intelligent lawyer, Cha Young’s wardrobe features plenty of tailored suits. However, she doesn’t shy away from bold colors, which keeps her business attire from looking boring.

2. Oh Bit Na (Nevertheless)

Oh Bit Na’s outfits in Nevertheless are totally underrated!

As this character, Yang Hye Ji pulls off a lot of edgy outfits that totally match Bit Na’s artsy vibe.

Bit Na’s unique fashion sense also extends to her hair. She loves trying new hair colors, and each color complements her style!

3. Shim Su Ryeon (The Penthouse: War in Life)

Lee Ji Ah is the picture of elegance as Shim Su Ryeon in Penthouse!

Su Ryeon has a classic, timeless sense of style and loves flowy tops and dresses.

Su Ryeon’s elegant style will definitely go down in history!

4. Jang Man Wol (Hotel Del Luna)

The owner of the Hotel Del Luna, Jang Man Wol (played by IU), served major looks throughout the whole series!

Man Wol’s wardrobe included lots of bright colors, hats, skirt suits, and enviable accessories.

As a ghost who was bound to the Hotel Del Luna for many years, Man Wol has seen many fashion trends come and go. She effortlessly blends modern and vintage looks to create a style that’s all her own!

5. Yoon Se Ri (Crash Landing on You)

As the owner of her own fashion and cosmetics company, Se Ri has incredible style!

Son Ye Jin rocked bold designer pieces that were the foundation of Se Ri’s style.

Although she didn’t have any of her designer clothes with her when she landed in North Korea, Se Ri managed to serve looks while she was there.

By carefully mixing colors and patterns, Se Ri was able to retain her own sense of style while in North Korea and proved she’s a fashion icon!

6. Ko Mun Yeong (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay)

Seo Ye Ji wore tons of glam, monochromatic looks as Ko Mun Yeong in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. Mun Yeong rocked all-black and all-white outfits often, which totally fit her moody vibe.

Although Mun Yeong favored monochromatic looks, the author didn’t shy away from occasionally wearing patterns!

By not being afraid to experiment with bold colors and patterns once in a while, Mun Yeong managed to retain her own personal fashion sense without being too predictable.



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