6 K-Pop Music Videos You May Be Surprised To Learn Were Filmed On College Campuses

#6 is pretty surprising!

We all love the amazing settings that K-Pop music videos take us. But… did you ever think that some of them were actually part of a school this whole time? These 5 music videos were filmed right on college campuses!

1. BLACKPINK’s “As If It Was Your Last”

It may surprise you to know that this iconic music video was actually filmed outdoors in the Amphitheater of Kyunghee University! It is still being used quite often as a stage for concerts and school festivals.

| Kyunghee University

2. BTS’s “HYYH on stage: prologue”

As an iconic location of BTS’s earlier songs, this was actually just an abandoned pool of Seoul National University! Sadly, the pool no longer exists as the university has been renovating.

| theqoo

3. A.C.E’s “Savage”

This creepy, almost dystopian-esque building is actually just Daejin University! More specifically, it’s their gym’s basement!

| official A.C.E/YouTube
| theqoo

4. SEVENTEEN’s “Mansae (Part Switch Ver.)”

This gorgeous building is actually from Keimyung University! Their Daemyeong Campus located in Daegu is so gorgeous, over 100 films and K-Dramas were filmed there!

| Kyunghee University

5. Lovelyz’s “Obliviate”

No, this gorgeously ornate setting isn’t from a royal town in Europe. It’s actually Tongwon University!

| woolliment/YouTube
| Tongwon University

6. 2PM’s “Promise (I’ll Be)”

Once again, this is not a gorgeous Italian church; it’s actually from Kyunghee University! It is called the Grand Peace Palace and is mostly used as a beautiful theater now! (Along with being a set for many K-Pop music videos.)

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube
| Kyunghee University

Have you caught any of these universities in other videos?

Source: theqoo