Say Goodbye, ARMY — BTS’s “HYYH” Swimming Pool Is Gone 

This piece of BTS history is no more.

ARMY can visit many of BTS‘s filming locations in Korea, but one of them no longer exists.

BTS on location at the SNU pool.

In 2015, BTS released on stage: prologue, one of the music videos that formed the foundation of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life era, also known as HYYH. This era evolved into the BTS Universe, a story about BTS’s fictional lives that fans are still fascinated by six years later.

| HYBE Labels/Youtube
| HYBE Labels/Youtube

on stage: prologue was filmed at an abandoned swimming pool at Seoul National University (SNU). It could be reached by taking a bus to the SNU Genetic Engineering Research Center, then following a mountain trail to the left of the building.

SNU pool before construction | nainz/aminoapps

Unfortunately for fans, not everyone shares their feeling of attachment and nostalgia for SNU’s pool. Earlier this year, the pool was filled in with dirt as part of a demolition project that began in April and ended in May. The details are as follows:

| @yoongiemp3/Twitter
Information on the construction plan for the waste pool (building 106) demolition work at Seoul University
  • Construction details: Demolition of waste pool and disposal of waste, etc.
  • Length of construction: Thursday 4/1/21 ~ Monday 5/31


  • Understanding and cooperation regarding the ban around the earthquake observatory.
  • Understanding and cooperation for the inconveniences that may occur, such as noises.
  • Understanding and cooperation for traffic inconveniences.
  • Person in charge Park Jae Hyung

— Seoul National University Waste Pool (Building 106) Demolotion Construction Plan Guide

This piece of HYYH history may be gone now, but it lives on in BTS’s videos and the hearts of ARMYs everywhere.

SNU pool construction site | @mapofthesou7/Twitter
SNU pool construction site | @mapofthesou7/Twitter

Source: on stage :prologue


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