These 6 Male K-Pop Idols Are The Emotional Support Everyone Needs

Your one stop shop for positivity.

There are many idols who have wonderful relationships with their fans and with their members. But there are some who have truly made a name for themselves for being comforting figures who provide some much-needed emotional support—both to their fans and their members. Sometimes they do this by offering thoughtful advice, or maybe even by simply empathizing with those who need it. Here are 6 male K-Pop idols who truly are the emotional support everyone needs.


6. ATEEZ’s Seonghwa

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Seonghwa has been very open in the past about his struggle with self-acceptance, and since then he has made every effort to remind ATINYs that they are the reason why he learned to love himself.

Not only that, but his ‘confidence-boosting project‘ with some of the other ATEEZ members proved that he is one truly wholesome icon that will always be there to give us the positive vibes we need. Seonghwa’s gentle encouragement to love oneself, to both fans and ATEEZ members, has made a positive difference for so many people!

5. THE BOYZ’s Juyeon

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Juyeon is not a particularly loud person, but his YouTube series, Walking With Someone, is pure wholesomeness (in his quiet, more introspective way, of course). Juyeon does his best in each episode to plan activities or make things that he knows his members like, such as planning a rock-climbing day for Kevin or doing his best to cook Q‘s favorite dish. After the activities are done, he sits down with the members to ask them some surprisingly thoughtful questions…

Walking With Someone Ep. 6 | THE BOYZ/YouTube 

…that really prove how much he pays attention and how deeply he empathizes with those around him.

4. Wonho

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Wonho has stated before that everything he does, he does with the fans in mind, hoping that his efforts will make them happy. But the true evidence of the kind of person Wonho really is lies in the comments made by two of his dancers, who claimed that Wonho is someone who always takes care of the people around him. He always makes sure to show how much he cares, whether by wiping rain-soaked seats for fans or by encouraging fans who need support.

3. BTS’s Jimin

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Recently, Jimin touched fans’ hearts when he responded to an ARMY’s post on Weverse, proving that he really is a wholesome figure. The ARMY had posted about their struggle with confidence and motivation, and Jimin offered some advice based on his personal experience. But perhaps more importantly, he offered them understanding, even saying that he’d be happy just to have his words taken as a suggestion.

If you can think of this as a suggestion, I think I would be very grateful. I truly hope that you will become even happier and have even more days of smiling and laughter. Thank you for supporting us and sharing your story with us.

— Jimin

Jimin is someone that ARMYs know they can always rely on because, as he himself has said, he always does his best to understand people—and empathy like that is a rare and valued thing!

2. NCT’s Taeyong

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

Taeyong has been a comforting presence to many fans all over the world. He is someone who consistently demonstrates growth as a person, and his healthy perspective on how to manage stress, confidence-issues and personal issues has made him a much needed source of moral support to many fans. NCTzens have really come to appreciate how Taeyong always pushes them to be themselves, and to be fearless about it too.

| Limitless TY/YouTube

And, of course, he always reminds them that he’ll be rooting for them no matter what!

| Limitless TY/YouTube 

1. Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

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This list wouldn’t be complete without Bang Chan, who is known as one of the kings of encouraging words. Bang Chan has always made concerted efforts to create a safe space for fans to talk about their concerns, and he has on more than one occasion insisted that STAYs consider him and the members of Stray Kids someone they can feel comfortable with—someone will always listen to them.

| Stray Kids VLIVE via blesschu/Youtube

When no one’s got you, Bang Chan’s got you.

| Stray Kids VLIVE via blesschu/Youtube