Wonho’s Backup Dancers Reveal Their Feelings About Him–And They’re Incredibly Touching

It’s obvious that Wonho has dedicated dancers who only want the best for him.

In an episode of his new radio series on his YouTube channel, Wonho interviewed two of his backup dancers about their experiences working with him and their answers are heart-warming!

The dancers, Jeon Jongyoung and Yeo Inhwan, have been working with him closely for his newest title track “Lose.” They’re often featured in his behind-the-scenes and TikTok videos, so it’s obvious that they have a good relationship with the singer!

Over the course of the video, they talked about their experiences working with Wonho and shooting the music video for “Lose.” They let viewers in on the process and some funny stories. After that, they talked about what it’s like to work with Wonho, and what they think about him.

Inhwan referred to him as an “Iced Shot,” alluding to the drink (Iced tea with extra shot). Wonho was confused as to what it meant, so Inhwan went on to explain his reasoning.

There are various flavors in that drink. It has a sweet but bitter kind of flavor. I think WONHO’s charm is like that. Something new.  As an example, he has really nice body but he’s also like a baby when he cries. He looks like a college student but also a good brother. When he’s on stage, he’s really an awesome singer. “He’s that awesome..?” kind of feeling.


Jongyoung readily agreed, saying that Wonho is “mysterious and subtle.”

When it was Jongyoung’s turn to share what he thinks about Wonho, he prefaced his answer by saying that he was sure fans would agree with him on it.

I think the fans will agree with this. He is just  “Worldwide Artist,” no need for descriptions. On the stage or off the stage, to us the dancers, or staff, he takes care of the people around him. He is really detailed. He is just a really nice artist and a brother and I want to think of him as my motive, a brother whom I want to know more about.


It was obvious that Wonho was incredibly touched by his dancers’ words as he went on to share his feelings about them.

To me, Jongyoung and Inhwan are a gift. I think they are like a gift to me. Because there are many meanings in that word. Thankfulness, and something that I want to give back. Also, expectations of what might be inside. They are like that to me. They are always new and give me joy. When I’m having a hard time, physically or mentally, when I’m tired or sad, they’ll share with me and listen to what I have to say. […] I thought that they are like gifts to me as I got to know them better. I think like that about them all the time.


After a few more questions, they began wrapping up the interview. When Wonho asked them if they had any last words to say before the video ended, the two of them reflected on the work they’ve done together and expressed their hopes moving forward.

I’ve experienced many new things thanks to Wonho, unique experiences. There are other great staff members as well but I would like to experience more things. I would like to make great choreography for other great songs to come. I hope Team Wonho will keep going like this.


Jongyoung, who has appeared in multiple “ohhoho” videos, expressed that he loves working with Wonho and is looking forward to filming more videos.

When Wonho asks to shoot something together, I always get excited. Today’s shoot was also fun and besides the sides we show in our office while we practice, the sides of us full of laughter, and us joking around, to get to share serious conversations and these episodes, was something I wanted to share with the fans. To share such stories was really fun and nice.


It’s obvious that Wonho has a dedicated team who only wants the best for him. Hopefully we will see more videos of Wonho with his dancers, but for now you can watch the interview with Jongyoung and Inhwan below!

Source: YouTube