Here Are 6 Male Stars Who Just Can’t Wait To Be Good Dads In The Future

We’re already so jealous of their future wives!

While many of our favorite stars are not yet married, some of them are fully ready to have children already. Here are 6 male stars who have publicly confessed that they can’t wait to be fathers in the future!

1. Jang Ki Yong

First up on our list is actor Jang Ki Yong. The My Mister and Search: WWW actor revealed on an episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook his goals for his future. When asked what is dreams are, Jang Ki Yong answered “to be a good actor and a good father. I want to live well in my career and as the head of my future household no matter how average it may be.” While he may play cold characters in his dramas, the actor proved that he is a warm person with his confession!

2. Hyun Bin

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Next up we have Hyun Bin, who recently confirmed his dating news with fellow actress, Son Ye Jin. During an interview back in 2017, the topic of marriage was brought up and it was to this that Hyun Bin talked about his future desires. “I want to have a beautiful family one day. I also want to be a good father too.” Can you guys envision Hyun Bin as a dad? Because we totally can and he would make such a wonderful father and husband. Whoever his future wife is, she is a lucky woman!

3. V (BTS)

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ARMYs are probably not surprised to see BTS‘s V on this list. When asked about what his dream was during an online fan meeting, V answered that he abruptly revealed that he wants to be a father. He elaborated by saying, “I want to be like my father. There are so many ways that I wish to be like my father. He always treats me like a friend. I want to be a friend-like dad in the future.” V has been captured squealing over children numerous times so we just know that he’ll love his future kids wholeheartedly!

4. Yoon Jong Hoon

Penthouse actor Yoon Jong Hoon is number 4 on our list. He appeared as a guest recently on a television program where the topic of ideal types came up. The actor was asked about what he looks for in a woman and to this question, he answered that he wants someone who is progressive. “I want to be a stay-at-home dad and be in charge of parenting our children.” Who says only moms can be stay-at-home moms? Dads can be stay-at-home dads too and we love him for that!

5. Woo Do Hwan

Actor Woo Do Hwan is also another handsome actor who wishes to be a good father in the future. While talking about his ideal type, The King: Eternal Monarch actor shared that he is attracted to women who are good at holding a conversation. In this same interview, the actor further revealed that, “I would like to be a good husband by being a good father.” Another actor who may look cold, but is actually super soft and squishy inside!

6. Lim Young Woong

Last, but not least we have trot singer Lim Young Woong. On a variety program, the singer revealed his future desires with the viewers. “I haven’t thought too much of marriage, but I do think about how I want to be a good father in the future.” He continued on by revealing what he does in preparation for his future. “I’ve heard that early education is important so if I hear something that’s related to being a good father, I will write it down in a note.” Wow, he is so ready! Someone get this man a baby, stat.

Source: Insight