Here’s How All 6 Members Of ASTRO Participated In The Creation Of Their Newest Mini Album “SWITCH ON”

They’re multi-talented kings for sure!

On July 23 at 12am KST, ASTRO released the track list for “SWITCH ON” after posting multiple mood trailers and concept photos leading up to the album’s release in August.

While it’s not that uncommon to see a few members of a K-Pop group write songs here and there for an album, Arohas were surprised and excited to see that the entirety of ASTRO was involved in the creation of at least one song each!

Let’s break down what every member worked on for “SWITCH ON”:

1. Cha Eunwoo – Lyrics and Composition

Fans couldn’t believe that Cha Eunwoo not only helped compose but also wrote lyrics for “After Midnight” – the title track of the album. After mentioning in his birthday bucket list how badly he wanted to write a song, Arohas found it fitting that this is how he finally got the opportunity!

2. Rocky – Lyrics, Composition, and Rap Making

Rocky, who has over five years of songwriting experience with the group, had a hand in the creation of four out of six tracks on the album. Knowing how perfectly his previous songs turned out, Arohas can’t wait to hear what he came up with this time!

3. Sanha – Composition

After seeing that Sanha was in the credits for the composition of “My Zone”, Arohas were immediately reminded of how *amazing* he looked when he was featured in an advertisement for the California-based company Targus. Just about everyone is pumped to see how his skills were put to use!

4. JinJin – Lyrics, Composition, and Rap Making

JinJin, another member that is no stranger to songwriting, worked on five out of the album’s six songs, leaving “발자국 (Footprint)” as the only track without his influence. Seeing as JinJin helped write “Waterfall” which doesn’t actually have a rap in it, Arohas are hoping to hear him showcase his stellar vocals in the song!

5. MJ – Lyrics and Composition

Member MJ has already written absolutely stunning ballads for the group in the past, bringing tears to the eyes of many. So, Arohas better be preparing their tissues for his newest addition to their discography, “노을 그림 (Sunset Sky)”!

6. Moonbin – Lyrics

Moonbin once expressed that he doesn’t think he’s very good at songwriting, but he had always wanted to give it a try. Therefore, the fact that he has finally made an official debut as a lyricist is only that much more meaningful! Arohas are so proud of how far he has come.

Are you excited to hear ASTRO’s new album?