6 Reasons Why BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is Basically The Perfect Idol

Few are good at #4.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is known for her gorgeous visuals from head to toe and the skills to back up her incredible looks. It’s like she was born to be an idol! Very few artists are masters of many different skills, but Jisoo is one of them.

Check out the reasons why she’s such a great idol below.

1. She’s gorgeous

Let’s start the list with Jisoo’s top-notch visuals! She looks like stepped out of a comic book—literally, fans have wanted her to play the True Beauty webtoon protagonist since the beginning because of their similar appearances.

She has a small face and symmetrical features that are up to the so-called “Korean standards”. She looks like the ideal beauty that everyone wants to emulate.

Her fellow members can’t help but praise her visuals in interviews.

She’s got such a unique face. She’s got an actress type of face.

— Rosé

2. She can sing

Jisoo is the lead vocalist of BLACKPINK for a reason! She has a surprisingly deep voice that’s simply captivating. She’s consistently in-tune, and she rarely makes mistakes especially in big performances.

3. She can dance

Jisoo’s dancing is seriously underrated! She can keep up with Lisa, who is often considered one of the best dancers in K-Pop. Her moves are sharp and sensual, with her facial expressions changing every so often to match the beat and lyrics.

She can even put her own spin in point moves and make them her own, such as the body wave in “How You Like That”.

4. She can act

When it comes to acting, Jisoo is one of the best. Besides commercials, she’s also had cameo appearances in dramas like Arthdal Chronicles and The Producers where she was a natural at internalizing her characters.

In terms of music videos, Jisoo featured in the highly emotional video “Spoiler + Happen Ending” by EPIK HIGH and the playful one “I’m Different” by HI SUHYUN.

5. She’s funny

Who has a 4-dimensional personality? Jisoo does! She sometimes has the strangest responses to questions, actions, and games, and it just makes the atmosphere of where they’re filming a hundred times better.

Variety shows, reality shows, and even award shows are all spiced up because of Jisoo’s humor!

6. She’s the sweetest person ever

Finally, being an idol isn’t just about talent and visuals, it’s also about connecting with fans. Jisoo successfully does this every time she asks BLINKs to take care of themselves, reminds them not to skip meals, and tells them she loves them.

She treats fans like they’re her friends, and they noticed.

Jisoo was always meant to be an idol. Looks, singing prowess, dancing skills, acting potential, humor, and a lovable personality, she has it all!