The 6 Reasons Why Kang Daniel’s Visuals Are So Perfect, According To Plastic Surgeons

Here’s why you can’t get enough of Daniel’s handsomeness.

No one can doubt how handsome Kang Daniel is, but have you ever wondered just what makes him so attractive? YouTube plastic surgeons Dr. Trio recently sat down to analyze his visuals, and suddenly Daniel’s visual genius all makes perfect sense.

1. His eyes

Dr. Trio’s first impression of Daniel was how much he looks like an adorable puppy. As soon as they saw his photos, they understood why DANITY nicknamed him “Nielmoyed”—a combination of Daniel and Samoyed, a cute “smiling” dog breed.

According to Dr. Si Wan, part of the reason Daniel has such addictive puppy-like visuals is his eyes. While people with upturned eyes have a feline vibe, he explained that downturn eyes are more like a puppy’s.


His “eye tails“—the creases at the outer corners of his eyes—are also particularly wide and deep. This is another quality that the cutest puppies have.

2. His eyebrows

Daniel’s handsome eyes are also lucky enough to be framed by a masculine brow ridge. Plastic surgeon Dr. Deok Jun described his brows as “perfect“, giving him a manly look.


Dr. Si Wan went on to explain that if a man’s brow ridge is too prominent, it will give him an ape-like look. Conversely, if his brow ridge is too small, it will look feminine. Daniel’s is in the perfect middle ground for his face.

3. His nose

Daniel’s eyes aren’t the only feature that make him live up to his “Nielmoyed” nickname. Dr. Trio said his rounded nose tip is very cute, adding to his canine vibe.

This makes him more handsome.

— Dr. Si Wan

4. His lips

According to Dr. Woo Seon, another “perfect” feature Daniel has is his lips. They’re particularly full, which adds to his cuteness.


5. His skin

Daniel’s skin is particularly bright, with dermatologist Dr. Woo Seon describing it as “creamy“. According to Dr. Trio, that’s why he looks so good with bright hair colors like pink.


Dr. Si Wan also noted that even though Daniel has light skin, his abs still look great. That must mean his muscles are very well defined to show up on bright stage lighting.

6. His figure

At 180cm in height (5 feet 11 inches), Daniel is certainly tall. But what’s particularly attractive about his figure is his leg-to-torso ratio. His legs are noticeably longer than his upper body—a figure which Dr. Si Wan says is not typically found in Asian countries.

And on top of that, who could say no to Daniel’s abs?

It’s like photoshop. How much did he work out?

— Dr. Si Wan

Watch the full video for yourself here:

Kang Daniel