6 Times SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Proved He’s The Biggest BLACKPINK Fanboy

If Jisoo notices, he’s definitely a big fan πŸ˜‚

Since BLACKPINK is one of the girl groups that no one can escape from, with their epic music and kick-ass fashion, they’re a favorite even among idols. SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan is one of them. Here are six times he showed how much of a BLINK he is.

1. Whistling But Not For “Whistle”

Along with other idols, Seungkwan starred in an episode of the comedic variety show Knowing Brothers. Since BLACKPINK was a topic of conversation, of course, he was right at home. When the show began to playΒ “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, he couldn’t resist repeating the catchy intro.

Making his mouth circular and holding up his hand to guide him, Seungkwan delivered a perfect imitation of the whistling.

2. “Kill This Love” = Hole In One

In a moment from Going SEVENTEEN, Joshua was explaining a new hobby to the rest of his members: how to play golf. Using Seungkwan to demonstrate how it’s done, he showed the proper way to swing the golf club.

There was one song that encouraged Seungkwan to get a hole in one, though. While pretending to swing a golf club, he sang the lyrics to “Kill This Love” as his warcry.

3. A “Happy Ending” Includes BLACKPINK

To accompany the release of their Japanese song “Happy Ending”, they couldn’t forget to release a fan chant for the song. Seungkwan couldn’t resist spicing it up a little with some BLACKPINK.

Out of nowhere, he began to dance to “DDU-DU DDU-DU” during The8‘s part, throwing up his hands for the song’s point dance.

4. When Words Fail, “Boombayah”

In the food delivery special for Going SEVENTEEN, Seungkwan tried to explain what nachos were. He stated, “These are tortilla fried nachos.” Because Mingyu wasn’t so sure, he had elaborated.

When Seungkwan couldn’t finish his reasoning, “So, the tortilla is mixed like this,” he couldn’t go wrong with BLACKPINK. He began to sing and dance to “Boombayah” to distract everyone. It worked.

Dino burst out laughing, covering his mouth. Even Woozi couldn’t stop himself from smiling and holding in laughter at Seungkwan’s inner BLINK.

5. Any Time Is BLACKPINK Dance Time

Seungkwan didn’t only make BLACKPINK sound effects during his appearance on Knowing Brothers. When the show played “DDU-DU DDU-DU” once more, he was ready.

He moved his hands up and down to the beat and waved one around to perfectly cover the dance. Throwing up his hands, he did the signature move of the song.


6. Jisoo’s Hype Man

For an episode of Unexpected Q, Seungkwan guest starred along with Jisoo, both of them ending up on the same team. After Jisoo correctly answered a question and began to perform “Playing With Fire”, he couldn’t stay in his seat.

While Jisoo was singing, Seungkwan jumped out of his seat and walked across the stage. Helping out, he sang, “Burn baby burn.” It was so unexpected that Jisoo gasped in surprise when she noticed him.

She wasn’t too phased, though, and continued to put on a show. Jisoo now had a hype man to help. Waiting for his queue, he charismatically walked across the stage singing, “Burn baby burn,” once more.