6 Stars Who Prove They’ve Always Had Good Looks On Korean TikTok Haduri

They skipped the awkward stage

There once used to be a social media platform called Haduri which netizens are calling the Korean TikTok. It was on Haduri that many stars posted photos of themselves and to nobody’s surprise, they all looked amazing back then. Let’s take a look at 6 K-pop stars who were always visuals.

1. Sandara Park

First off we have former 2NE1 member Dara, who is proving to netizens that her looks have always been this good! She is showing off her ulzzang status with her big eyes, perfect skin and spot on photo taking angles.

It’s so confusing because she looks exactly the same! While her age may be the only thing that has changed between these photos, Dara proves that her looks are timeless. No wonder she was 2NE1’s visual!

2. Han Seungyeon

Next up is former KARA member and actress Han Seungyeon. With her big cat like eyes and straight long hair, anyone could easily tell who this girl is. Her super cute features grabbed the attention of netizens left and right.

| Top Daily

Wow, did anything change? She looks exactly the same! With these looks, no wonder she quickly gained notoriety amongst netizens. She stood out on stage due to her natural but pretty features and it looks like that isn’t going anywhere.

3. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Here we have Girls’ Generation‘s lead vocalist Taeyeon who showcases a very different but adorable look on Haduri. She is seen with a short haircut and bangs but netizens can’t deny her super youthful face.

| Daum

Taeyeon exudes so much charisma and elegance currently but her facial features have remained the same! We love how she went from a cute girl to a mature, beautiful woman. She really has it all.

4. Suho (EXO)

The handsome leader of EXO is next up on the list. Suho also made a feature on Haduri long ago and while he may have been young, his good looks were pretty noticeable even back then. His big eyes and perfect nose made quite an impression.

| Naver

What a glow up! From cute to handsome, Suho really proves to netizens that sometimes, all you need is a better quality camera and an upgraded haircut. How does he manage to make even a glow up look so good?

5. IU

No one can look at this photo and not recognize IU immediately. She literally looks exactly the same as she does now! Her adorable eyes and her trademark little nose is hard to deny in this photo.

| HanKyung

Known for her youthful looks, IU manages to surprise netizens constantly with her age. It’s also probably why she looks pretty much the same in the two photos even though there is a difference of many years between them. Teach us your ways IU!

6. Sunmi

Before her Wonder Girls days, former member Sunmi shook the internet with her visuals. It’s no wonder that despite her young age at the time, she was able to join JYP Entertainment and become a girl group member.

| Instiz

While she may have the same face, her transformation from a cute girl to the stunning woman she is today is hard to ignore. She matured into her charisma with her sexy image and we’re here for it!

Source: Insight
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