6 Stars Named Sohee Who Stole The Hearts Of Fans Everywhere

Everyone loves Sohee.

Like celebrities who are named Jimin, it now seems like everyone called Sohee is gorgeous as well! With the number of popular celebrities with this name, it’s becoming a lucky charm given the amount of love and attention they’re all receiving.

Check out some popular Sohee’s below!

1. The World Of The Married‘s Han Sohee

Han Sohee is gaining widespread attention in Korea for her role in JTBC‘s The World of The Married. Comparing herself to the character Yeo Dakyung, she mentioned notable differences.

Dakyung is somewhat aloof and reserved, but I’m more easygoing and laid-back. I like conversing with people, and I’m the type who quickly makes friends with those that I don’t know well.

– Han So Hee

2. Nature’s Sohee

Kim Sohee was a participant of Produce 101 Season 1. She eventually ranked #15 in the finale, later debuting in 2019 with the girl group Nature.

3. Rocket Punch’s Sohee

Rocket Punch‘s Kim Sohee is new to the idol world. She debuted in 2019 under Woollim Entertainment, belonging to one of few K-Pop groups that don’t give set positions to their members.

4. Wonder Girls’ Sohee

Ahn Sohee from the iconic girl group Wonder Girls was always known as a top visual. She later branched out into acting with a notable role in Train to Busan.

5. Elris’ Sohee

Known for her long legs and gorgeous visuals, ElrisKim Sohee is a multi-talented visual, vocalist, and dancer. Her group debuted in 2017 with their mini album We, First.

6. Yoon Sohee

Finally, actress Yoon Sohee made a name for herself with roles in dramas like The Emperor: Owner of the Mask and Witch’s Love. She even appeared in EXO‘s “Wolf” and “Growl” drama versions for MAMA 2013, as well as SHINee‘s “Why So Serious?” music video.

Source: Insight