Here Are 6 Stars Who Admit That They Have Obsessive Tendencies When Dating

#3 once texted their ex over 300 times 😱

Fans love hearing about their favorite stars’ dating styles and honestly, it never gets old. So here are 6 stars who once shared their dating habits on television. They all admitted to having obsessive tendencies when they start dating someone.

1. Sung Joon

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To kickstart our list is actor and model, Sung Joon. Back in 2014, the actor was a guest on KBS2‘s The Discovery of Love where he revealed his dating habits. He admitted with his own words that he is a difficult boyfriend. “If I’m not interested or I don’t know how I feel, I’m very insensitive. If I start liking someone, however, I become very sensitive and I become obsessive with my girlfriend.” It seems that this particular trait worked for the model-turned-actor as he is now married to a non-celebrity woman and they have a child together.

2. Jung Kyung Ho

Next up on our list is actor Jung Kyung Ho. Jung Kyung Ho has been in a public relationship with Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung since 2014. Before they started dating, the actor shared his dating methods on an episode of MBC‘s Radio Star. “I don’t have too much dating experience, but I get a little obsessive.” He continued with his admittance by sharing a story with the Radio Star studio about his obsessive tendency. “I had a weird feeling about my girlfriend one day so I checked her phone without her knowing. I did it out of love because I wanted to continue the relationship.”

3. Jo Bo Ah

We have our first actress on our list and it is Tale of the Nine Tailed actress, Jo Bo Ah. At the press conference for her movie Innocent Thing, the actress revealed a surprising act she had done before with one of her previous boyfriends. “I have texted my boyfriend 300 times before.” She justified her actions by explaining that it wasn’t out of obsession, but rather interest. “I didn’t do it with obsessive tendencies, but more because I was interested in him.” 

4. Lee Sang Yeob

Actor Lee Sang Yeob finds himself on this list and it is because of something he shared with the The Ugly Duckling studio back in 2019. He revealed that he is the type to go all in when he is in a relationship. He shared that it is to the point where he aggressively thinks about the relationship’s future. It is because of this mindset that he believes he develops some obsession. He acknowledges that his dating style can be a bit much for some people. “I think because of my mindset, I can’t help but become obsessive. I know some people will think I’m burdensome and others will get sick of it.”

5. Lee Joon

Former MBLAQ member and actor Lee Joon comes in hot at number 5 on our list. In 2012, the former idol member shocked his fans with a story about an ex-girlfriend with the viewers of MBC’s Radio Star. “If my girlfriend didn’t answer her phone, I would keep calling her. I’ve called her 140 times once before.” Lee Joon previously went public with his relationship with fellow My Father Is Strange actor, Jung So Min. The two dated for approximately 3 years before calling it quits, citing busyness as the reason behind their split.

6. Lee Yoo Bi

Last up on our list is another actress and this time it is Twenty actress, Lee Yoo Bi. She once boldly shared on KBS Joy‘s Love Naggers Season 3 that she tends to have obsessive traits when she dates. She revealed that her obsessive ways went as far as tricking an ex-boyfriend into thinking that her personality was a particular way to appear cooler. “In my past, I once had a boyfriend that was very popular. I wanted to be different from other girls so I pretended to be laid back. I think during our relationship, however, I wasn’t able to be as laid back as I wanted to be.”

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