These 6 Stars Still Receive Allowance From Their Parents — Even Though They Make Bank

#6 receives $200 a month!

Sometimes, parents just know best and these 6 stars wholeheartedly agree. Here are 6 stars who let their parents take full control of their finances, all while receiving an allowance from them. Let’s take a look!

1. Suhyun (AKMU)

Kickstarting our list is the ever adorable Suhyun from AKMU. On a radio show, the AKMU member was previously asked about her finances and how she handles it. She responded with, “My brother and I have separate accounts.” During her time on the radio show, she further revealed a surprising confession for all the listeners. “I allow my parents to take care of my account for me and I receive a monthly allowance from them.” Suhyun then shared about her brother’s finances as well. “My brother receives an allowance from them, but he is financially separated.”

2. Somi

Next up we have solo artist, Somi. The “BIRTHDAY” singer also shared her personal income management with a radio program. She revealed that her parents also manages her finances and that she receives an allowance from them. “With the allowance I receive from them, I either go shopping or I buy food for me and my friends.” Somi also shared with the radio show listeners the maximum amount of money she’ll spend in one sitting. “When I spend money, I limit myself to spending about $300 at once.”

3. Gree

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Coming in at number 3 is rapper Gree. The rapper and entertainer is another celebrity who previously shared that they received an allowance. Gree’s father is comedian and fellow entertainer, Kim Gura, who is widely loved by the Korean public. Gree shared on a variety program that while he gives his mother control of his income, he receives an allowance from his father. The rapper also shared his spending habits by revealing, “I don’t overspend or indulge in luxury. I only buy what’s needed and try to remain frugal with my spending.” 

4. Joo Won

Actor Joo Won is also on this list, coming in at number 4. The 33-year-old actor also shockingly confessed that he gives his parents full control over his income and lives off of an allowance. On a variety show, the actor shared with the viewers, “I have one debit card and I use that for my daily expenses.” He further surprised the audience members by revealing, “I don’t really buy unnecessary items and try to live modestly.

5. Eunjung

Former T-ara member, Eunjung is the next star on our list. The former girl group member also gives her parents full access to her income, allowing them to manage her finances. She previously revealed her love for her parents by sharing, “even if my parents decided to use all my income, I wouldn’t care.” She continued to confess her undying love by revealing, “isn’t that such a proud moment as a child? Even though I tell my parents to use it, however, they don’t spend my money.”

6. Lee Soo Min

Last, but not least we have actress, Lee Soo Min. The 19-year-old actress shared that her monthly allowance increased to $200 and that she is happy about it. “I spend the most money on food.” Lee Soo Min further shared that her and her friends were always on the hunt for new eateries. “When I was in school, my friends and I were too busy finding different places to eat.” To her allowance reveal, her fans expressed their shock by commenting things, such as “that’s surprisingly modest” and “I feel like that’s not enough at all.”

Source: Insight
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