6 Things That Surprise Foreigners About Korean Internet Cafes

Internet cafes are a huge part of Korean culture.

1. The latest equipment

Korean Internet Cafes are outfitted with some of the latest computer components and peripherals. This includes top of the line graphics cards such as the GTX 970 or 1060, mechanical keyboards, and even 32 inch curved monitors, capable of handling any game one wants to play.

2. Broadband Speeds

Many foreigners are surprised at the internet speed in Korea. According to Akamai, one of the world’s leading cloud platforms and internet connection analysis firms, South Korea had the fastest average internet download speed in the world.

3. Comfortable seating

A proper chair is a necessity for long gaming sessions and Korean Internet Cafes provide those. Almost all Internet Cafes in Korea have overstuffed chairs for hours of comfort while gaming or browsing the web.

4. Low Prices

Foreigners are surprised at the self-payment machines in the Internet Cafes. They become even more surprised at the prices, which are as low as ₩1000 won ($0.94 USD) paying hourly or ₩30,000 won for 35 hours of use ($0.80 per hour). Some places even have specials where an hour only costs ₩100 won ($0.09 USD)! It’s no wonder many students play games here instead of on their own computers at home.

5. Order food from your seat

It is unique to Korean Internet Cafes where patrons can order snacks such as ramen, soda, or chips straight from a window on their screen. No need to stand up and order at the counter. The employees will even bring your order right to you!

An Internet Cafe exclusive client allowing customers to order food straight from their seats.

6. Open 24 hours a day

Internet cafes in Korea are open 24 hours a day. Many foreigners are surprised something of such high quality is open at any time of the day, making any time the perfect time for them to visit and get their Korean gaming experience in.

This Internet Cafe is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Source: Dispatch
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